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I recently attended a Winter Solstice celebration here in Northern California. Held at a local community center, it was well attended by an enthusiastic crowd. A first glance indicated a growing and healthy NeoPagan community. A second glance was not […]

The photograph on the right is of a Moslem suicide bomber, holding a Koran. But the photograph on the left is of US soldiers holding a Bible. The similarity is not accidental. All see themselves as warriors for God. Jason […]

The obvious failings of our court system have encouraged some free market theorists to support binding arbitration a more efficient alternative. In doing so many of the greates failings of classical liberal thought come to a head: its lack of […]

For me, one of the most depressing aspects of the past seven years is that it seems so many Americans forgot what they learned in the 60s, and many of those born since did not learn from our experience. In […]

While Huckabee and Romney are teaching religious bigotry, a more painful but also more hopeful story emerged from New York City, where some of their spiritual students attempted putting their attitudes into practice. Walter Adler was with his girlfriend and […]

Today I saw two related stories, one awful, but also inspiring, the other disgusting, but expected. I will make two separate posts from them, but they belong together The disgusting-but-expected one is the current dust up between Southern Baptist minister […]

My post is short – but this link from Glenn Greenwald at Salon explains all that needs explaining. The mainstream corporate media is one of the greatest threats to the survival of American democracy. Every day its behavior demonstrates why […]

President Bush argued in October, 2007, that a nuclear-armed Iran could lead to “World War III.” Vice President Dick Cheney warned of “serious consequences” if Tehran did not stop trying to build nukes. THIS TIME we’re right they said. THIS […]

UPDATE below Friedrich Nietzsche once remarked (in German) “Power makes stupid.” Recent articles about the overly enthusiastic use of tasers by cops (the term ‘police officer’ overly dignifies these thugs) are a good confirmation of his observation. My example is […]