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The Washington Post has just reported the infant formula industry hired Republican lobbyists to dampen a federal government campaign to increase breast feeding in the US. Early breast feeding is connected with lower rates of asthma and diabetes, but also […]

The tensions are heating up between a gift economy revitalized by the web and corporations who make money to the degree they can keep information scarce and expensive. Until recently the only way research could be made available was through […]

Photo by Guy Edwards Sam Harris, a meditating Village Atheist, has a letter in the latest Nature. He takes the magazine to task for praising a Christian scientist, Francis Collins, for “engaging ‘with people of faith to explore how science […]

One of the most interesting things intellectually about the rise of the net is how the gift economy is pushing into turf long dominated by the commodity economy. See here and here. Today this is particularly the case with news, […]!.htm Last week I had the opportunity to taste three different local Sonoma County honeys. I was amazed at the differences between them. One even tasted strongly of butterscotch! Apparently honey is powerfully influenced by the nectar bees use in […]

Years ago I ran a small company selling my artwork on stationery, envelopes, and note cards, along with occasional prints. It grew until I was marketing in many western national parks and stationery stores. I also sold at art and […] Update: Aug. 13. In the post below I suggested the key issue underlying the seeming confusions over what the political “Left” and political “Right” mean is their different evaluations of hierarchy. I became interested in this issue while trying […]

(Update on Aug. 5) The terms “Left” and “Right” first arose during the French Revolution. At the time they had very distinct meanings as to political loyalties. Since then the terms have remained but their meanings have become progressively more […]