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Last October I heard Juan Enriquez give a stimulating talk on why national identity was a brand name loyalty to which could never taken for granted. I blogged about his talk here. The July/August issue of Orion has a wonderful […]

PZ Myers is one of my favorite science bloggers, despite his pretty superficial discussions of religion. I read his Pharyngula pretty regularly. Mark Kleiman at The Reality Based Community is one of my favorite social science bloggers, again despite some […]

The radical right rarely takes people on concerning the facts of an issue because so often the facts rebut their positions. Character assassination is so much more fun. The latest smear by those who thinking caring for the well being […]

For many years I supported myself as an artist. It’s how I got my Ph.D. without a mountain of debt. Before I turned my site into a blog it had a link to many of my favorite pen and ink […]

Shamanic and other spiritual traditions across the world have held subtle energies exist that modern science cannot pick up on their instruments, but that have important impacts on our lives. Not surprisingly, modern secularists disparage these claims because they have […]