Angels on Your Shoulder
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In February I am take a group of people to spend time with the whales in Baja, Mexico. I have a few spaces available and I would like to invite you to spend time with me and the majestic Grey […]

“My outer life reflects my inner order.”

So, in the coming weeks I am going to show you lots of different ways to connect with angels for yourself.

Here are some smiling faces. Allow them to uplift you and fill you with their love and laughter.

Would Jesus decide to burn the Koran? Or would he find wisdom in all spiritual book? Would he judge or love all people, including terrorist and hateful ministers?

Love is such a powerful force and that is the message angels always bring.

One of my favorite questions is: How can I see this through the eyes of the angels? Angels are very fluid, flexible and unconditionally loving.

Fear or faith, suffering or expansive acceptance, limitations or alignment with our limitless nature. Those are all choices we make in the moment, thought by thought. Love or fear.

For years I have been writing what I call teaching stories. Recently I started writing a series of new stories and I was wondering if you, my readers would be interested in reading them.

At 16 Quiana Childresswsa homeless this week she graduated from the University of Arkansas where First Lady Michelle Obama gave the commencement speech. Friday she was person of the week on ABC. I found her story very inspiring.