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I get asked this question all the time. It really is very easy but our minds can make it so much harder. We can doubt what we are hearing or sensing or feeling. You are always surrounded by angels. The […]

Fear arises from an assumption that what may happen next is NOT something we will enjoy, embrace and love experiencing. We assume the outcome won’t be positive. What would happen if you assumed the universe was a safe and nurturing […]

Fear is an indication we have disconnected from our source, from the divine and are believing in the illusion created by our filter system. Sometimes it takes real courage to be who and what we really are. When we know, […]

It can be so easy to forget to ask invite angels and the divine into our lives but when we do there are always signs they have been there.

How often do you experience fear on a daily basis? Realistically, how can angels help you deal with fear?

“Stop in the name of love, before you break my heart.” Lately I have been really aware of how much our world could change if more of us chose love on a regular basis instead of judgment and fear.