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It is almost full moon again. The magic of walking in the moonlight ….. let your heart and mind be there and see where it takes you.

Here is this mornings sunrise here on the Big Island of Hawaii and a sunset in Greece. Everyday we are blessed with a new day in which we can create whatever we want.

Enjoy these images of Greece and allow yourself to connect with the magical love that embodies our universe.

I had the most amazing birthday

Lithuaunia is such a beautiful country. Here are some more images for you to meditate with.

Here are some recent pictures from Lithuania. As always allow the pictures to talk to your spirit and allow yourself to go where they take you.

Meditation is easy or at least it can be. When I add connecting to the angels to my meditation it is like meeting an old friend at the local coffee shop.

Here is a photo of flowers that you can spend a few minutes focusing your attention on and see where it takes you internally.

Images can have a powerful affect on our consciousness. Allow these images to take you to a place of peace within.

I am in the process of building an addition so I will have a new den/office and a meditation room. Sunday night I climbed up there and watched the sunset and the moonrise.