Angels on Your Shoulder
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Today I pulled the angel of harmony. The picture shows an angel surrounded by musical notes. The message is, “I am living in harmony with universal laws; I am creating harmony at each moment of my life.” What is harmony? […]

I am back home from my visit to Mexico and the wonderful whales. Wednesday I’ll have a real treat for you, some photos and a video I took of a young mother and her calf. I love to meditate and […]

Fear is usually generated by a belief we don’t have or we won’t get what we want or need. Yet when I ask people what they want or what they need they often don’t have an answer. They know what […]

Would Jesus decide to burn the Koran? Or would he find wisdom in all spiritual book? Would he judge or love all people, including terrorist and hateful ministers?

What is possible, really possible in life? Anything is possible if we believe it is so, well almost anything.

Fear doesn’t allow us to see the perfection of ourselves and in life. Fear causes us to judge what is rather than embrace it, accept it and love it.

What do angels and oil spills have in common?

After years of traveling I finally figured out why, for weeks before I leave I suddenly hate traveling.

Bottom line, the truth about fear is it is based on a lie. You are not your body, you are an eternal, immortal being so what is there to be afraid of?

One of my favorite saying is, “No matter what the question, love is always the answer.” We really can’t focus on two thoughts at the same time