Angels on Your Shoulder

Since I am traveling Raphael and I are hanging out together. Ever since I ask for his protection and guidance when I travel my trips have been amazing, free upgrades, meeting wonderful people and just plain fun. I forgot to call upon him during one of my trips and I noticed very rapidly.

This is an excerpt from my book The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels:

Archangel Raphael

RaphaelRaphael’s name means “God heals.” He is one of the seven angels who have dominion over the earth, Above all, Archangel Raphael is dedicated to healing. Raphael will supply the energy needed to overcome any challenges in your life. He can heal relationships and bring you profound insights. He carries a huge sword which will enable you to cut through illusion. Raphael responds to prayer, bringing joy, love, peace and miracles to anyone who calls upon him. If you have a sudden impulse to pray, you can be sure Raphael is inviting you to speak with him.


Raphael is associated with Spring and the evening wind. He can be called upon to assist in healing the earth. He also protects children and travelers, guiding those who take both outward and inward journeys. He is charged with guiding the sun as it travels on its heavenly journey. He will guide you as well. Ask Raphael to help you alleviate physical or emotional pain and he will.

Raphael’s robes are made of the softest golden silk. When he enters your life, you may feel a gentle breeze or see his robe blowing in the wind. Raphael will give you the courage to explore the unknown within yourself and in the world around you. He facilitates breakthroughs in the academic world. He will help you see your limiting beliefs, agreements and assumptions with clarity so that you can let go of them.


Simply ask for Raphael’s help and he will be there for you. You could say something like, “Raphael, angel of healing, shine brightly in my life. I thank you in advance for your guidance, love and protection.”

Ask Raphael to help you:

Travel with ease and safety
Heal your mind, body or spirit
Clarify your thinking
Make decisions
See life’s endless possibilities
Do well on your exams


Calling the angels into your home

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!


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