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Here is another entry from my book The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels. Enjoy!

Miniel: the Angel of love

Miniel is the angel of love, well-known in magical circles. He can be invoked when you want someone to fall in love with you. Miniel can’t make anyone love you, but he can help you radiate the expansive beauty of your spirit, which is pretty irresistible. He will remind you that love is about freely sharing.. If you try to control or smother another person, he will quickly show you the price of such fear-based behavior. After all, the best way to experience love in your life is to freely share your love with everyone.

Miniel also helps protect wild animals from becoming extinct. When you are walking in a wild preserve or see a disturbing segment on TV about wildlife, call upon Miniel. As more people ask Miniel to protect endangered animals, his blessings will support these animals into flourishing again. So call upon Miniel often, to protect this beautiful planet we call home and to bring more love to our lives


Face south when you call upon Miniel for love. Be clear about your purpose. If the object of your affection isn’t likely to return your love, don’t be surprised if someone else comes dancing into your life. Rather than asking that a specific person love you it is far better to ask to experience romance, love and companionship and then let Miniel work his magic.

Miniel also resonates with the moon. When the moon is new plant the seeds for the coming month. Ask Miniel to enhance your love life. Or ask him to bring you a new capacity to tend your garden or to create a job you love. At the full moon ask Miniel to help you release any beliefs or behaviors that stop you from experiencing love in your life.

Miniel helps:

Deepening love
Finding a new job
Caring for nature
Create a new career

Calling the angels into your home

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

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