Angels on Your Shoulder

When fear knocks it really is simple don’t answer. All of our fear is caused by our thoughts. When  our first fearful thought rises to the surface don’t feed it with more fearful thoughts. Of course once we start that chain of thoughts going it is hard to stop them.

Angels never feel fear

Angels never feel fear, they see the world through the eyes of love. So when fear starts rising to the surface of your mind call upon the angels. Ask them to help you see the situation through their eyes and be willing to see it that way. Open your heart and your mind to their love. Ask for the willingness to let go of your fear. Be willing to let go of your limited way of seeing things, let the love of the divine into your mind and heart.

You do that thought by thought, choice by choice and by creating the feeling of love rather than feeding the limiting thoughts of fear. There is a very powerful exercise I call shifting gears. Just like shifting gears in a car we can learn to shift our emotions. It takes practice but it is well worth the effort.

Spiritual practice called shifting gears

Begin by focusing on something that brings you joy. Breathe in deeply and really allow yourself to feel joy. Fill yourself with thoughts and feelings of joy until it becomes easy and effortless. Then think about something you find annoying. Practice feeling annoyed for a few minutes and then again think about joy again. Practice shifting gears between the two emotions until it becomes a familiar practice. Then we fear begins to surface it is much easier to connect with the angels and feel the love.

Spiritual practices take practice and shifting gears emotionally is a powerful spiritual practice. As with anything the more you practice the more proficient you become.

Calling the angels into your home

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