Angels on Your Shoulder
June 2011 Archives

Today here in Tokyo is yesterday there. My mind finds that confusing to say the least. Here are some earth angels from last weekend and recently from Hawaii.

I am currently in Tokyo. Where I am teaching has a store filled with crystals, oils and books. Usually when I travel I bring a spray to freshen my rooms after working with a client. This time I forgot. I […]

Usually when we think of angels we think of love, joy, laughter and certainly not fear. What would the angel of fear do? Create fear or help us overcome it or perhaps remind us to just laugh, love and enjoy? […]

We look so often to the angelic realms for love, hope and guidance. We often forget that we are the gift, that without us the universe would be incomplete. Here are some wonderful quotes about angels, hope and love. I […]

  Here are some images from Tokyo. The beauty and the resilience of the Japanese people have deeply touched me. Prayer flags at a temple

  40 days with angels   We just finished having the opportunity to have the angels in our homes for 40 days. I have already gotten lots of e mails from people who just heard about it or some how […]

I am currently in Tokyo and I have heard many stories of angels in action here. Angels are as real as we allow them to be in our lives. Let them have a deepening and ever expanding role in your […]

Just before I went to bed last night I wrote a short post about asking to see events through the eyes of the angels. In passing I mentioned the events in Joplin. When events like that happen I watch the […]

I got an email from someone about all the tornadoes in the US. I am currently in Japan where a whole lot of energy was released a few months ago with the earthquakes and tsunami. I always ask to see […]

I am in Tokyo now so I thought why not look for angel statues to share with you. I found one around the corner from me but when I googled Tokyo angels I found out it was the name of […]