Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Angles disguised as animals

AID coverI was sent a copy of Angels in Disguise by Phyllis Hobe to read. What a wonderful book! It is a collection of stories about animals in their role as angels. I laughed, I cried and read the book in one sitting. It is a great book to have at your bedside or in the bathroom for those moments you could use a spiritual pick me up.


Guidepost was generous enough to offer me a few free copies to give away to my readers. I only have a few copies and will give them away in the next few weeks to the readers who post their stories in the comment section. It only needs to be a heartfelt story about your angel encounter with an animal.

Have you ever encountered a life-changing moment in which animals played an important role? Tell me your story of disguised pet angels for your chance to win a copy of Angels in Disguise!

This would make a great gift for all those pet lovers out there. There is even a story about a chicken and her remarkable return after a winter in Vermont.


Here is what the publisher says about this great book:

Learn how animals can help strengthen your faith in God!

Angels in Disguise
is a compact hardcover collection of 32 true stories from the bestselling Guideposts Book Their Mysterious Ways, that reveal how God sends animals to comfort, guide and heal us. Each page shows how God shares his unconditional love with us through the animals that are a part of our daily lives, and the ones that briefly cross our paths.

Angels in Disguise will help you discover that God’s messengers come in many surprising forms—from dogs to cats—parrots to horses. There is Barney, a dog who shows up to save a woman from freezing to death; A rabbit named Jellybean who helps a cat become part of the family; And a group of hummingbirds who remind one woman of God’s love when she needs it the most.

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Margaret Mills

    Our family has always had cats from shelters and the last cat we had was a diabetic and had to have shots all of her life. After she died we went to an animal shelter to find another cat and while there a man and his son brought in two cats, both male, one completely black and one completely white. They were in different cages and we found out they were both brothers. Well they were in very bad condition and also a bit older then we wanted, but my husband and I decided to adopt them both. The shelter could not believe that we wanted the cats in such a condition. After they had gone to the animal hospital for shots etc. my huband brought them home. One of the cats jumped in the lap of my husband while he was working on his computer and this was surprising, but I guess he was trying to say thanks for adopting me. Well they both got sick and after a while of giving them medication and tests we thought we may have lost them, but they came through. Since then these cats follow us around the house and sit in our laps and when they look into our eyes it is almost like they are still saying thank you for picking us and you were our last chance. I call them my little angels. I love them dearly and think God had sent them to us at the right moment… give them love and a home and to give us love and fix two broken hearts since we lost a very dear cat before adopting them. Call that being at the right place at the right time for both of us!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Kathy

    I’m not sure I believe in soulmates, but if there is such a thing mine is named Rosebud, an airedale terrier who was my first pet as an adult. She died in my arms of kidney disease on my 35th birthday, just days before 9/11 happened. She was only seven years old. When she was dying, I told her that she had ruined me for all other dogs, but that she knew I could not live without a dog or two and my husband and I would give good homes to whatever dog(s) she wanted to send to us. Later that day I was looking at the airedale rescue website, not to replace her because that could never happen, mainly just because I volunteer for them. That was the first time I saw Jake and Molly, brother and sister airedale/golden retriever mixes. They had been in rescue for a year, nobody wanted them because they had to stay together, they were not puppies, and they were not purebred. Five weeks later we were in Georgia picking them up from the noisy kennel they had been housed in. My husband was packing the car in the hotel parking lot while I waited by the phone to get directions to the kennel. He came in the room to inform me there was a beautiful double rainbow splashed across the sky, directly over the hotel. I knew it was Rosebud sending her blessing on our new family members, she had sent one rainbow from heaven for each dog. This October by the grace of God we will celebrate ten years with Jake and Molly, who are magnificent in their own right. Despite having suffered horrible abuse and neglect, they are beacons of love, joy and light. Rosebud continues to send us glorious reminders of her presence in our life, including an image of a running terrier in the afternoon sky a number of years back, on my dusty treadmill last year, and most recently on some slides that my scientist husband had developed in his lab. So Rosebud, as always, Bless Your Soul Ongoing and thanks for the reminder(s) that Love Never Dies.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jo Ann Taylor

    I was about 6 years old and I had a best friend. He was a full blooded
    German Shepard and his name was Leo. Now Leo was my bed buddy and my play toy in the summertime. In the wintertime he would pull me around in the snow when I was on my sled. He would follow me to the bus stop and wait for me to get on the bus, then walk back home and wait on the porch until I got off the bus. He would come running to meet me.

    One summer day my older brothers and I and Leo of course started into the woods. We loved building tree houses. So we had Leo hitched up to our little wagon with our tools in it. As we finally got to the place where we were going to build a tree house, Leo started growlling and barking. We started looking around for snakes or bobcats, but it was worse. It was Ronnie Walter. He was so jealous because Leo hated him.
    He was so mean. Since we had Leo hitched to our little tool wagon he could not do much. Ronnie had his 22gal. shot gun. As he raised it and pointed towards me. My brothers went running away. I just closed my eyes and Leo jumped in front of me and Ronnie shot him. Ronnie then ran home and told his father that Leo ran at him barking and growling so he shot him. As I said Leo was hitched to our little tool wagon so he could not run at anyone. Leo died that day. I stayed by him as I could see his life leaving him. I know he was my angel. I have never had a dog that was so faithful as he was. I know I will never forget him. Hope this makes someone’s day. God Bless All

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Valerie Curtain

    Dear Susan,

    We are a family of avid dog lovers, in fact, we’ve always had at least 2 dogs at a time as, what we consider to be family members.
    In August of 2003 we couldn’t afford to take our usual vacation in Ocean City, MD, so my husband’s parents very kindly offered to take us to West Virginia with them, where my father-in-law is from, so we most thankfully accepted and went with them. We had a yellow lab, named Jake, and a lab and sheltie mix, named Jerry, as family pets at that time. So when it was time to leave we took our precious guys to the kennel we had trusted our pets with for the previous four years. I had called the kennel twice while we were away to check on our guys, and both times I was told they were both doing just fine. On the morning after we returned home, we excitedly went to the kennel to get our boys, as we had missed them terribly. When we got to the kennel and had paid the charges, we anxiously waited for them to bring our guys to us. Only minutes later, the owner came back to tell us that our lab/sheltie mix, Jerry, was missing! We were devestated that the kennel we had trusted so long had allowed our dog to escape and now was missing! We put up posters, searched a 5 mile radious with Jake, our yellow lab, as our eyes, ears, and noses, called local vets, and searched every animal shelter for days. In the one shelter we visited daily, hoping Jerry had been found, there was a little 6 month old border collie. This little guy sat quietly each day until me and my son got to his container and then he would start barking and whining like crazy. He did this every day, no matter what container he was in and only to us, not anyone in front of us or behind us, only us! At first, we didn’t pay him any mind, because we were so broken over not being able to find Jerry, but finally on the fifth day of going there and him only doing this to us, I said to him, “well, come here and let me touch you, you little silly”. As soon as I said that, he plastered himself against the container for me to pet him and just clawed and scratched, trying to get out and closer to me. I fell in love with him that very moment, so did my son. I called my husband about adopting him, my husband came to the shelter and we adopted him that day, August 20, 2003. During the adoption process we learned that this wonderful dog, now our Harley for 8 years, was due to be euthenised that very day! My tears flow uncontrolably when I think of how we saved him and he saved us. Our Jake had gotten very sick from grief and we were in danger of having to deal with his death, on top of losing Jerry, who we never did find, but from the moment we brought Harley through our door, everyone started recovering. Our hearts started healing from all the love Harley gave so abundantely, Jake healed almost overnite and lived for almost 6 more years, and Harley didn’t have to die. we still praise the Lord, daily, for this wonderful “angel” dog he placed there in that shelter just for us! Harley has been the most faithfull, loving, protector we’ve ever had. He has guarded us with his very life since we brought him home. Harley has had a new companion and buddy to guard over since Sept. 2008, when our precious Jake gave up his battle with bone cancer. We will forever be grateful to God for this wonderful, healing, gift. We hope that others will be encouraged by our story and our loss, just knowing that when the Lord allows a loss in our lives, He always has a greater blessing in place if we will only open our heart’s eyes to see the angels He sends us each and every day. In the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we ask God’s peace upon every person struggling with the loss of a loved one!

    • Susan Gregg

      Thanks for your wonderful stories. I only had three books to give away. I’d love to still hear your stories though!

      With love and aloha,

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Kathy

    Susan, I don’t need a book, I was lucky enough last year to get a free copy of your book on Spiritual Healing. You can give my book to Valerie. I’m sorry for your losses, Valerie. Thanks for all you do for animals.

  • Mary E. B

    I just spent the last hour describing here why my cat is truly an “Angel in Disguise”, but because of my lack of computer skills and/or ability to succesfully, I lost all that precious work describing the many, many ways this “Angel Cat” saved my life more times than I can count. Because of my difficulty in using the computer, I will have t0 do it the old-fashioned way; by writing an old-fashioned ‘letter’ using the ol’ pen and paper method. I would simply be thrilled beyond belief to recieve a copy of your book, “Angels in Animal form”. Or :Angels in Disguise”. I know my cat is an Angel in Disguise on account of the multitude of times she has “lit3erally” saved my life(in every way possible; physically, mentally, emotionally and most importantly…..Spiritually”.
    If I weren’t so poor that I need to be on Social Security, food stamps, and welfare…I would be running, not walking, to the nearest bookstore to purchase your book.
    So, if I did ‘Win’ a copy of your book, that alone would be a Major Miracle to me. If I had the money, I would not hesitate a minute before purchasing it at the bookstore.Sooooo…..I will have to write you an old-fashioned letter describing all the many attributes that make me believe with all my heart, mind and soulthat my cat is definitely an Angel in feline form. An Angel;A Gift from God above : An Angel Cat who has literally saved my life in so many ways and so very many times, I can’t begin to count.
    So I will write you a letter, using pen and paper to share with you the multitude of ways that constitute my cat as an “Angel” in feline form.
    And I will be praying every night and day for the money I would need to buy your book as soon as I can. I hope you get this message because I am way too exhausted to post a ‘Third’ message here. Because I am terrible at using this computer, You would need to contact me via old-fashioned pen and paper or by phone. My phone number is ( 860 )316-5902… or by regular mail. My address is Beth Batz, 279 Plaza drive, Middletown, Conn., 06457
    Thank You Kindly,
    Ms. Beth Batz.

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