Angels on Your Shoulder

Well this is exciting to me. Spending the next 40 days with the angels in a profoundly meaningful way is exciting and what a wonderful opportinity. If you run across this post months from now, yes you can start the clock today.

Getting ready for the angels

IMG_3069-1We are going to spend a few days getting ready to call the angels into our homes and then have the honor of their presence in our homes for a month of magic, miracles and spiritual deepening.  After that we will send them onto their next destination lovingly, thoughtfully and with incredible gratitude for the experience.

What an incredible gift having the angels is. They are always around us, this is just an opportunity to be consciously aware of their presence and to spend the month clearing our any resistance we have to the love around us or to our limitless nature.

We are going to start by creating a special place for them in our home. Please don’t stop yourself from having this awesome experience by procrastinating or making the process harder than it needs to be. The directions are very simple and simply do the best you can with each step.

Putting our home in order

Spend sometime cleaning up your home and getting things in order. If you are a real clutter bug decide which room you are going to invite the angels into and clean that room or a corner of the room. Ideally, you are going to ask God’s messengers, the angels to spend time in your home so prepare your home for their divine presence. Spend a little time thinking about what you want to do and set yourself up for success, to feel good and enjoy the angels presence in your home. Decide what you want to do and THEN DO IT, NOW!

Decide what day you would like to invite them to come. (I will finish the directions for the ceremony Thursday so anytime after that would be just fine) Mark the day on your calendar and allow yourself to begin getting excited about their coming.

Making an altar or angel home

IMG_1436An altar can simply be to top of a dresser or a table or a beautiful piece of cloth. It can be simple or elaborate. I have altars all over my home because I like them. For years I had wanted an altar and I made the idea of having one unattainable. Then I moved into an apartment that had a shelf waist height in the hallway. I decided that was my altar and loved the experience of having one. So make it simple but meaningful to you.

If you like flowers put a vase on your altar. If you love candles put a few of them on it. The same with crystals or small angel statues or Mary or Jesus or Buddha or anything else that ‘speaks’ to you.  The most important thing is that you designate a spot for you to focus on calling in the angels. I have known some people to get a small doll house and decorate it for the angels. Whatever you do, just make it doable and do it.

A few other things to gather up

A small box or envelope to put letters and request in
Some essential oil or perfume or scent you like
A candle or night light
A bell or chime or glass object you can hit to make a noise
An open heart and willingness to allow the angels into your life
A glass or small bowl to put water in

Until tomorrow …..

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

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