Angels on Your Shoulder

For the past year I have been talking about the addition I have been building on my house. What a journey. It is still nowhere near done, but I decided to move into my office anyway.

I am still sitting amongst boxes, but my computer is working and I am thoroughly enjoying being up in the trees.

My life’s work is helping people live the life of their dreams and showing them how to create what they want when they want it.
As I sat in my new office, listening to the wind and watching the sun fill my new space with light, new ideas flooded into my mind and I suddenly found myself becoming thoroughly excited about the idea of endings and new beginnings.

That was when the idea sprang to life. I realized that it’s time to let go of the past and step fully into the present moment. In a flash I decided I should create all new programs…

At first I fought the idea

My old programs are really good and have stood the test of time. I said to myself, “Maybe I should listen to them and just update them a bit.” I did listen and they are wonderful, they will show anyone how to transform their life, but they were created before this inspiring new space emerged. I struggled with that idea for a few days.


One night, after I had I finished reading a book on Feng Shui and clutter, I realized this could be an in
credible win/win situation. I could have a “The End is Near” sale or a, “Time for New Beginni
ngs” sale. Whatever I called it I realized it was an opportunity for me to retire my old programs and for everyone to benefit from them at substantially reduced prices. Win/Win.

The Win/Win – End is Near – New Beginnings Sale!

So here’s the deal. In just another few days (or sooner if I can finish all the preparations!) I’m going to announce the sale and open the doors. I’ll be retiring almost all of my products and you’ll be able to pick them up for a very substantial discount.

I’ve actually never sold any of my programs at this steep a discount. In fact, I was advised that this is perhaps not a great idea, but I felt that now was the best time to do something like this. It helps you and perhaps if you let others know about it, even more people will benefit.

Now this really is a permanent retirement for these products. When they are gone at the end of this sale, they are gone. So if you’ve been thinking about getting some of my work do it now! Buy some for a friend. What a great time of year to get a whole new library of MP3s that you can listen to and use to really change your life in the process. Take them to the gym, listen in your car, or on your way to work. They will work magic in your life.

This year more than ever I have decided to dedicate my life to being of service, to helping people live in a world where they feel safe, loved and know they are the creators of their lives. I truly want everyone to experience personal freedom.

Special Bonus Part of the Story

As part of the sale I am offering some early bird specials.

The first 5 people to buy will receive a 30 minute, one-on-one private phone session with me ($175 value) as well as the group session. The first 20 people to buy any of these programs will get a free 2-hour live group counseling session with me personally ($75 value).
Come, bring your questions, problems, hopes, dreams and talk to me–I’ll help you clarify, drop, discover and do!

Early Bird Bonuses for the Americas and Europe

Also, don’t worry if you live in a very different time zone. I will be doing two group sessions, one for those in the Americas and another for those of you living in Europe, Asia and Africa. The first 20 people to make a purchase from each area (40 total bonuses to be given out) will receive an early-bird bonus. This way, it should be possible to give almost everyone an opportunity to get a bonus and the class times will reflect your location.

Sign up below to be notified as soon as the sale is live so you can be one of the first 5 to get the private phone session, or the first 20 to get the 2-hour live group session. (Yes, if you are one of the first 5 you’ll get both the private phone session AND the group session)

Good luck and thanks for being part of my spiritual family and allowing me to be part of your journey!

With love and aloha,


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