Angels on Your Shoulder

Imagine my surprise when this morning I picked the angel of obedience. I reacted and then laughed. I never thought of there being an angel of obedience!

I never cease to be amazed by the magical synchronicity of the universe. In December I asked you the readers what you wanted to see more of on this blog and you said more angels. So I decided to start using an old angel deck I was given as a gift. I have searched the internet for it so I could give credit to the creator to no avail. This card really shifted things for me….

Obedience has never been one of my favorite words or active skills. I have always been a bit of a rebel, someone who marched to the beat of my own drum.  So after I reacted I read the card.

It says, “I follow my soul’s guidance day by day. The only true obedience is to the soul. From the dimension within our own being come all the signals, guidance and intuition to be obeyed. When we obey in that way with all our senses we are serving the Soul.”

That certainly changed my definition of obedience! Hope it does yours as well. Have a wonderful, day guided by the divine wisdom and love of your soul!

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

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