Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Andrew from Touched by an Angel died

I was shocked to find out that John Dye, who played Andrew on Touched by an Angel
died at his San Francisco home on Monday (Jan. 10) following a heart
attack. His family kept news of his death private while
memorial details were being worked out.

I hope you will all send prayers to his friends and family. To me it is a reminder that life is a temporary condition and it is important to be kind and loving at all times. We never know when our last words will be spoken.

With love and aloha,

  • Kathy

    I just heard about this last night, and was also shocked and saddened by the news. I don’t know if he had any kind of pre-existing condition or not. He was so outstanding on Touched by an Angel, I often told my husband how comforting his portrayal of an Angel of Death was, and that when my time came, I hope I got an angel like him to escort me Home. His was apparently a life well lived, I learned he contributed generously to a number of charities including the Make a Wish Foundation, and AIDS research. So John Dye, thanks for everything and Bless Your Soul Ongoing. See you on the other side.

  • Susan

    Thanks Kathy. How well said. He certainly touched many people’s lives. I am sure his angel of death was very loving and kind.
    With love,

  • Bridget

    May his soul rest in peace. He touched my life by his part in Touched by an Angel. I know angels exist and pray that his angel that came to accompany him to heaven was as gentle, kind and loving as he always was in the Touched by an Angel.
    May his soul rest in peace, Amen.



  • Carole

    I’m so very sad to hear of his death. I hope he was accompanied to heaven by an angel such as he portrayed in the show. Touched by an Angel was a gift from God that has shown us how God really works his miracles. Although it is sad to hear of John’s death I know that he is home again cradled in the loving arms of God.

  • Pauline

    John’s portrayal of an angel was so heartwarming. For me, “Touched By An Angel” was such an inspiring series . He did bring sensitivity to his role as Andrew and I have always felt an angel must have had a hand in choosing John to play this part. He sounds like a very fine gentleman and we can only hope that when our time comes to go and join him we will be blessed to have our own angel to see us go beyond the sunset. My love and condolences go out to John and all of his family and also to his many fans.

  • Linda

    To John’s Family……
    My sympathies to you on John’s passing.
    I so enjoyed watching “Touched by an Angel” and enjoyed
    watching John in the shows.
    I’m sure John and his “Special Angel” had a loving
    journey home and much to talk about.
    God Bless……

  • judy

    Oh I am so sorry for the pain of loss his family and friends must be feeling. John, in his character of Andrew, was able to bring out the best human qualities in all of us. It was the unfaultering consistancy without doubt that made him angelic. He inspired me weekly in my work as a palliative care nurse and I was so sad when the show wrapped. John pulled out of himself the best in his own nature and I am so grateful that he did. Beautiful work to leave behind John.
    Love and Peace to his family
    and John…I know you are feeling the Love and Peace bryond our knowing in this life.

  • Patti Garrett

    To John’s Family:
    Touched by an Angel was my favorite show when it was aired weekly and still is one of them as I try to watch it every time it is re-aired. I even purchased as many videos from a CD company as I could to keep them for posterity. And part of the reason I loved it was John’s portrayal of the Angel of Death. While the three main characters (Tess, Monica and Andrew) all gave viewers a feeling of calmness and peace, I was especially impressed by Andrew. Being someone who has always feared death, he helped take away my fear because, in my heart and soul, I thought that if I were going to have someone even remotely like him escort me to the other side upon my leaving this earthly plain, I had nothing to fear. With his passing, the world really lost a beautiful and special soul and from what I have read, he was a true Child of God who lived a spiritual life and manifested those feelings to all he met. His life really was his message and we have all really been robbed of the presence of a beautiful and special soul — one I will never forget. May his soul rest in peace and I know in my heart that he will now be in a heaven of peace and in the presence and the loving arms of Jesus and God forever. Patti Garrett

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