Angels on Your Shoulder

Gabriel is an Archangel and his is often depicted with a horn. I was surprised when I saw a statue of him on top of a building near my condo here in Tokyo. I took that as a sign he was the angel of the week.

Here is an excerpt from my book The Encyclopedia of Angels about Gabriel:

Gabriel has the ability to grant
wishes, bring joy, unveil divine mysteries, reveal truth and grant justice.
Gabriel can protect you from violent weather and make your travel easy and

Gabriel stands in the presence of
God and is one of the two highest ranking angels. He is a messenger whose
symbol is the trumpet. Gabriel buried Moses and dictated the Koran to the
prophet Mohammed. He announced the birth of John the Baptist to the world and
told Mary she would give birth to Jesus. Gabriel brings a message of hope to
mankind. He reminds everyone of the importance of loving one another. He
encourages unity and oneness. He brings mercy, forgiveness, change and

Gabriel is associated with the
moon. He often makes his presence known with a flash of silver light. He also
rules the element of water and is associated with the direction of the west. He
helps with intuitive insights, herbal medicine and women’s menstrual cycles.
Gabriel also chooses which souls will be born. He spends nine months with the
baby’s spirit, helping the spirit adjust to the exciting journey of life on
earth. When the child is born, he causes the child to forget the secrets of
heaven by pressing his finger below the baby’s nose. This creates the cleft in
a human’s upper lip.


Gabriel’s voice will fill you with
peace and joy. When you see moonlight streaming into your home, know Gabriel is
there, willing to bless you with his presence.

A simple request is all Gabriel
requires. “Gabriel I ask for your guidance and assistance. Please help me
[explain your needs]. I give thanks for your love and for being in my life.”

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

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