Angels on Your Shoulder

Fear can be such a crippling emotion. Here in Japan I am
doing private sessions. The other day a woman who came to see me was so fearful
that when I asked her if she wanted to be happy she could not say yes. When I
asked her to look at me she was so afraid she couldn’t even raise her

It was sad to see someone living in hell like that. I
remember when I was like that and I didn’t know the answer, my freedom was always
within me. I had no idea that all I had to do was change my thinking and open
up to the love that always surrounded me. I send her my prayers and a belief
that someday she can step into the light of love as well.

In spite of what we believe we live totally immersed in a
sea of love and there are always angels around us, just waiting to be of
service, but we have to allow in the love. Free will allows us to choose to live
in heaven or hell. That choice is ours moment by moment.

That woman was only thoughts away from happiness and joy but
she was too afraid to let go of her limiting thoughts. Do you hold onto any of
your limiting beliefs? Are you afraid there won’t be enough or that you aren’t
lovable or that there is something wrong with you?

What beliefs stop you from knowing you live in a loving,
safe universe? Only we have the ability to change our world and we can easily
do that thought by thought. Only love is real everything else is an illusion.

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With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

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