Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Talking to your angels

I constantly get e mails from people asking me how to connect with their angels or complaining because they have been trying to connect for years or because the angels don’t seem to be doing anything in their lives. I know how that feels. I used to feel the same way. So I decided to write one post covering these questions in depth so I could simply refer people to it.

So here it is, the definitive post on ‘working with angels.’ Of course there are hundreds of books and probably millions of words written on the subject but here is a quick summary. If you want to keep feeling like the angels don’t speak to you these simple suggestions won’t help, but if you are willing to take charge of your mind I can guarantee you will hear the angels and feel their presence in your life.


Angels are always there, just waiting for us to give them permission to enter our lives.  Angel’s voices are like the gentle whisper of our spirit. That loving guidance is always there, we are the ones who have to practice listening, we must develop discernment. Discernment is really just a fancy way of saying – LISTEN. If I keep saying, “I can’t hear you” I won’t be able to hear. If instead I keep affirming I can hear you eventually I will. Practice makes perfect.

Every time you say to yourself or others, “I can’t hear angels” you are deepening your sense of disconnection and cutting off the channel that IS there. It is simply a matter of turning up the volume. Every time you say to yourself or others, “I can’t hear angels” you are hitting the mute button. Honest, they are there and they are talking to you. They are whispering about love and constantly giving you guidance.


Angels can guide you toward choices and actions that will literally make miracles happen in your life. Angels can’t perform miracles in your life, only you can. You have to take the actions. When I listen to that wonderful loving voice amazing things happen when I don’t I get more of the same old outcomes.

How do you listen? Meditate so you can begin to quiet your mind. Focus on knowing the angel channel is playing and that you just have to tune in. You don’t have to see radio waves to know they exist, but you do have to tune in to the station you want to hear. You do have to turn on the radio in order to hear the radio. So practice listening, knowing the angels are speaking to you.

Once again the angels only guide us. If we listen, have the willingness to change our thoughts and make new choices our life will change. They can pave the way but we have to take the steps to walk the path.


The angels love you, they love everyone. The universe doesn’t test us, it just reflects our filter system. If we don’t like the results we are getting in our life all we have to do is change our attitude. If we make different choices we will get different results.

I know this will help you if you are willing to allow yourself to hear the voices of love that surround you.

With love and aloha,

  • Grog

    I didn’t know it was angels that have always been with me. They helped when our car brokedown twice. They came from nowhere. We were setting in the middle of the road and I was trying to push the car and suddenly people came to push. Angels can be in people. Since those times, I always know they’re with me to help my family and I any time. What’s wanderfull too is they never ask for anything. I’ll always be thankfull for angels from God.

  • Carole Lewis

    I could not find the assisted living facility that I wandted to sign my mom and dad into in Florida. I had only a half hour to talk to the lady that ran it before leaving to get to an appointment with my fathers lawyer. I was going crazy trying to find an address that to me didn’t exist. Out of the blue a mailman with a turban came into view and directed me down an alley to the facility. I don’t know how I missed it but I was so………..thankful. When I told the story to the owner she told me they have had the same mailman for ten years and he certainly wasn’t from India with a turban. I believe an Angel was sent to make everything ok. I thanked God everyday till my father passed.

  • Susan

    I love the way they can show up in so many different shapes and forms. All we have to do is be open to their loving presence and know they WILL always be there for us.
    With love and a big smile,

  • Cecille

    Hello, Ms. Susan. I’ve long been talking to my angels and they do reply. There are times when there are no words at all and it’s just a simple feeling of “knowing” what they’re telling me. Sometimes, the words are very explicit and the answer is very clear. At first, I doubted if the messages were really from my angels thinking that I could just be talking to myself. Then it “dawned” on me that indeed, they were my words, but my mind was just interpreting what the angels were saying because those were the times when I felt less sensitive being preoccupied with a number of concerns. One thing is clear with me, though. All messages from my angels are messages of love and hope and advice to keep my faith. They’ve never let me down whenever I ask for their help and guidance.

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