Angels on Your Shoulder

Recently I ran across a site for skeptics. I found several
things interesting. The first was that it purported to be a blog yet there was
no place to make a comment and they general attitude of trashing almost any
positive belief system. My first thought was how sad, how hard it would be to
live life with such a cynical attitude.

Do angels exist?  I
can’t prove that they do but I certainly enjoy my life a lot more believing
they do and knowing miracles are possible and even probable. We always have the
choice of love or fear, faith or judgment.

I guess a better question is, “Are you willing to allow
angels into your life?”  What would your
life be like if you released any and all judgment, felt loved and safe and knew
you were a miracle? I can’t emphasize enough what a difference choosing love
makes in your life.

So in my life do angels exist? My answer is a responding
YES. When I find myself judging anything I immediately try to see it
differently. Just for this week try to see the world through the eyes of love
and see what happens.

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

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