Angels on Your Shoulder

Here is the next part of the interview with Doreen Virtue. I really enjoyed talking with Doreen and I suggest checking out her site and her work.

Susan:  What do you say to people when ask how do you know whether it’s an angel voice or a demon voice or even the demon idea?

Doreen Virtue:  You know, I actually… I have a brand new book coming out called… called “Arch Angels 101.”  Because I’ve got a book “Angels 101” and “Fairies 101” the publisher asked if I could do a whole book on Arch Angels, and so that was fun research.  

I actually found the basis of all those fears that people have about the demons, and a lot of it is Solomonic.  You know, King Solomon, himself, did not work with demons; he did have a Star of David ring, but there are these cults since the turn of the century, who have this whole story about how King Solomon used his Star of David ring to control the demons who built the temple.

I wrote a whole book about King Solomon called “Solomon’s Angles” and I just have a passion for that whole era of King David and Solomon, so it’s like, one of my top areas that I researched.  And these beings, these lower energies do exist in this world. They are earth-bound spirits, so there is no question that there are lower energies.  

But just in a nutshell, I don’t want to get fear based in what we are trying to figure out. So it goes back to Topic-A. Learn to trust your gut.  These lower energy beings who some… the cults invoke, who say that, you know, Solomon used for magic, it’s all real dark stuff.  Yeah, there is some basis to that but you don’t want to be calling on those spirit-based beings at all.

Susan:  There is lots of love out there, and it is a whole lot more useful.

Doreen Virtue:  Yes, so any being of God like Michael, you can just feel the strength and the power and the love and any person or angel who encourages you to be your best, that is who you want to spend time with.

Susan:  Yes, really paying attention to how it feels.  If it feels loving and expansive it’s of God, if it doesn’t, chances are it’s not.

Doreen Virtue:  Exactly.  If you’re feeling afraid there is a reason.

Susan:  What would you most like to communicate to people about angels?

Doreen Virtue:  Every single one of us have angels and you have guardian angels with you right now, who want to help you to make your life better but they cannot help you unless you ask for help.  A lot of people don’t realize that.  They think, “Well, God knows what I need” and that is true, God does know what you need but God gave us free will so not even the Creator can intervene unless we ask for help and give permission.  

So they all wait for us to give some sort of permission.  It doesn’t matter how we give permission, whether it’s a cry for help, a thought, an affirmation of visualization, just some indication that we’re giving permission to help that is all that is needed. You don’t need special words to do it, you don’t need special training.  It’s not how you ask but that you do ask.

Susan:  Just open the door a crack and they’ll come racing in.

Doreen Virtue:  Exactly.

Still more to come ……

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

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