Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Calling all angels

I got this from Beliefnet’s Daily Hindu Wisdom newsletter.

king asked a sage to explain the Truth. In response the sage asked the
king how he would convey the taste of a mango to someone who had never
eaten anything sweet. No matter how hard the king tried, he could not
adequately describe the flavor of the fruit, and, in frustration, he
demanded of the sage “Tell me then, how would you describe it?” The
sage picked up a mango and handed it to the king saying “This is very
sweet. Try eating it!”

– Hindu teaching story


How true, how do you explain a spiritual experience if someone has never had one? What if we think we have never seen or felt or heard an angel? What if we have no idea how to see the world through the eyes of love?

As you read this blog post I will be half way to Latvia and Lithuania. When they contacted me to come teach in their country I had to look on a map to find out where they were. They are amazing countries that endured years of occupation by the Soviets and untold hardships. Some of their amazing old churches became warehouses and insane asylums yet the beauty and the architecture survived.

So how do you describe a spiritual experience? How do you explain what life looks like through the eyes of love? How do you help people drop their judgment and expand their awareness? How do you savor each and every moment? How do we live from a place of profound connection and share the gift each moment of life brings us?


Calling all angels….. help us all live life fully aware of your presence and love, now and always.

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

  • Ann Marie

    Amd52 I am by far from perfect. As, I cannot pass judgement on others of what they believe or do not believe.. I Believe.. Yesterday, Aug 29th I was traveling alone to my brothers house. He lives approx. 1 hr. or so away from me. Have driven their endless times and just enjoying the driving and the peacefulness, well you guessed it, I became lost. I am full of Anxiety and yet for some reason it didnt bother me.. I figured i would stop and ask for Direction (in a way i felt dumb having done this in the first place), but the experience I had made all the difference in the world. I had asked a woman if she could get me on my path to recovery. She said follow me I will take you where you should be. Was I grateful to her yes, more than you can say. Any other time I would have been (a clear basket case on the road of destruction) God Sent me an Angel for whom i will ever be grateful for.

  • Angelstarspeaks

    It was a very wintery, winter morning…..the chill in the air awakened me. Quietly, I rose out of bed, not to disturb my husband and children asleep.
    Looking out the window, I could not believe how much snow had fallen through the night. My next thought was, how we were going to clean out the driveway? Our driveway at that time, was around, 125 feet long…The snow, well, the snow was thigh deep! Yes, and it was a very wet heavy snow. We did not own a snow blower. You may find that odd, since we live in a snow belt. However, my very young children would not be able to use one, nor my husband, (he was physically disabled). So I decided to make some coffee, and ponder on the thought of the task needed to be done. One more check, to see that everyone was still sound asleep, and they were.
    I decided, that if we were all going to get out today, whether it be school for the children, or myself off to work, the shovel was waiting. I honestly did not know how I was going to shovel my way out of this one….so I began, trying to not give it any thought……..
    The snow, as I mentioned, was very, very heavy, and wet, so my progress was indeed too slow for me to even go in depth with. Nearly half way down the driveway, but only one-side, I could not see my way out, but I had to manage to keep on going……and going, is what I did.
    When I came back up, on the right side of the driveway, midway, I needed to just stop and catch my breath…as I did, I took off my mittens, and hat to cool my very warm head. It was at this time, I started to smell the “Winter Roses” …Roses? Winter Roses?
    There are no roses here…I glanced off to the side of the driveway and looked around, just on case, well maybe, there was a bush of roses finding it’s was in the winter snow….I must have been really over worked, exhausted, and sweating, ….”winter roses”… but yes, all around me was the sweet fragrant roses, relaxing me, the scent, remembering summer, and the finishing task on hand, but, I was afraid to move….
    Thigh deep still in the snow, I did not want to move, because if I did, the scent of the roses would be gone….so I stood there, content in the wet snow, and just for the few moments, God was sending me “Winter Roses” to calm me, strengthen me, and love me.
    Or was it His Mother, “Mother of God?” or was it St.Theresa, known for her fragrant roses?
    It was “Heaven Sent”, no matter what!
    I finished my task, gladly, and went inside happily, to waken my family. They all asked me, why I looked so happy that morning? And I told them “God sent me Winter Roses, Today!”
    And no matter what happened, that day, was not to be spoiled by anything. And when I went to work that day, everyone asked me why I looked so happy that morning…..I told them….”God sent me Winter Roses Today.”

  • Angelstarspeaks

    Paris, France, another ‘Choir of Angel’s” sing……It has been a while reflecting back….a number of years has past….But, remembering-
    A Beautiful Day in spring, approximately 12 years ago, in Paris, France.
    The Garden’s of Monet were just as you imagined them to be, in all of the pictures you see, but more…
    It had been raining that day, in the spring, but the scent of the rain, and the smell of Mother Earth,
    along with the Spring Flowers…..for me, just being there in Paris, at this time of the year, it would surely bring love into anyone’s heart, and the glow of that reflection upon one’s face.
    Little did I know, a greater surprise of wonder and awe, was in store for me…….
    Our tour bus, had extra time this day, and decided to take another road and show us a very beautiful kept secret, in another small village…it was “The Cathedral Notre-Dame De Chartres”. This Cathedral, had been originally started in the 1st Century, in which, it would make this Cathedral (2) two-thousand years of age! This Cathedral contained within, held some very special treasures, one that I never knew ever existed! This treasure was one (1) of the very veils, said to be worn ,by the Blessed Virgin Mother, Mary. Inside this cathedral actually held (2) two veils, only (1) that was publicly displayed.
    My eyes teared with joy, and disbelief, and my heart pounded with excitement!
    Inside the ancient cathedral, as you entered reverently, there, on the floor, was a labyrinth (maze), total length 294 metres, which pilgrims completed on their knees, to symbolize the quest for celestial Jerusalem. I myself, never dreamed of ever being privileged enough to go to Paris, France, let alone be able to be here, on this day of which I speak of…..
    As I gazed upon the labyrinth on the floor, suddenly…I heard a “Beautiful Choir” singing….my immediate thought; it must have been the students singing with their tour guide on the side of me……
    But it was not them singing…but the choir, “the beautiful voices of the choir“, I looked around….as I stood there capturing within my sight, every area of this most magnificent cathedral…but still searching for the choir…..I could not help, but direct my eyes above, in back of the church, where we entered…there on the loft above, was the most beautiful organ, later found, that it was 14th century organ loft, 16th century case. However, there was no choir singing, nor practicing in the church. The singing came from every direction, perhaps the acoustics in the church, I thought….
    I finally took it upon myself to approach the group of students, and asked them, “Where is that heavenly choir coming from?” Most of the students did not answer me of what I was asking them, mainly due to language barriers….but the guide, and two other students, did answer me, in English.
    “We’re sorry-but we do not hear any choir or music of any kind”.I responded to them again, saying, “Yes, there, can you not hear the choir”?….”No Madam’, no singing, no music, no choir”.
    I must inform all of you, reading this writing, I am hearing impaired. I am deaf in my right ear, and have 40% in my left ear…but really, only hear 40% when I have a hearing aid on….during this visit in Paris, France, I did not have any hearing aid at all…..mine was unrepairable, and I was in need of ordering a new one…, when I do hear something, as miraculous as this is to me, a whole “Choir of Angels” singing, I will believe, with my whole heart, and soul, that this day, I was privileged, to me in grace, I did hear a Choir of Angels….and this was again, my (2nd) second experience of hearing them.
    The most beautiful singing you could ever possibly imagine, praising and singing. For they held such a great treasure, the most Holy Mother of God’s Veil-they sang their praise and glory! In addition, I was privileged to hear with my impairment, a “Choir of Angels”.

  • Angelstarspeaks

    Thursday evening, very tired last night…turning in earlier then usual for me.
    Lights are now out…very light thunder in the area….there is no lightning, just light thunder…the pets know it is time for rest……approaching the hallway….I look back at the pets, there… comes the very long, lighted flash, this time from halfway up the fireplace, down, towards the floor….I immediately look up…no, again… it is not coming from the windows….it was coming from the middle of my wall, above the fireplace……
    I noticed, my 2 pets….they seen the light too. Only this evening, another one comes again….
    now (2) two lights….
    Facinating, but erie…not knowing, but yet, knowing…this time.
    I inform my husband…this time I tell him….I saw the light again…..the light, the amazing lighted long angel wing… My husband asked me… “Is this for real?” ” Yes,” I respond, “I actually see the light, and so do our pets….the dog…and the cat….they saw the light too….they saw the Angel Wings too!”

  • Maria

    Today, I find out that I have given my children a way to turn around their live . I want to thank you about the story told today
    I have had visions and future happenings that at time is scary ,But also magical when the beauty is so close to the eyes of the heart, to be able to feel the must amassing moments of something never imaginable to see . And not be able to show the world .But I thanks God all mighty. For the dreams and the visions. I pray and ask our father to widen our eyes in the miths of the wondering minds to see further inside of the imagination and prepare us for the amazing beuty that lyes in the vail of the dreams that help us see and feel that we must change our thoughts , our feelings our actions and gives us a chance to understand the meaning of been all one whole family. No matter how we all think we are different to each other we still come from the beginning in blood and the way it still happening and that is sence and before the ( Birth ) The chain is long and will keep growing.. No matter how people want to change the reality it can not be change .Only coded to another way of the persons feelings to make themselfves different. The changes in our lives are what we want them to be and that makes life challenges that makes the world suffer and our families.We are the World and we are one that can change all this painful agony agains each other.If we all start helping and teaching that what matters in this live is the unity to make us respect each ones life and to understand that we can not make it alone and we depend on each other in what anything happends and that the love for each other as a human been should be recognice, and freely given respect and help each other. We can never be at peace if everyone rans away from helping others.The word is United and Progress. This is what I have been telling my children .One or two may want to go their way but the ones that have listen has change .The other word is communicate.Thank you.May God help us in this jurney.MCH

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Kathleen Larrabee

    Susan, could you send the Angels to my home/ Thanks Kathleen Larrabee Lynn MA 01902

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