Angels on Your Shoulder

I had the privilege to interview Doreen Virtue last week. What a wonderful woman. Here is the first part of that interview.

Susan:  How did angels
come into your life?


Doreen Virtue:  Well,
I actually have memories as a child of the angles coming to me, and it would
happen when I feel either lonely or in any way, sad or afraid, that the angles
would be there.  And they would appear
different to me, then, as a child than they do now; it was more like these
dancing, big Christmas lights accompanied by this sense of an air pressure
change and a dimensional change, a feeling like I was in a different dimension.  And then these sounds that were other-worldly,
and it was just all very comforting.


I remember Arch-Angle Michael talking to me and coming into
my dreams and showing me my purpose and talking to me about my purpose but I didn’t
understand any of it; some of it I still don’t even understand to this day.  But I remember all of it like it was
yesterday.  So it was very other-worldly
experiences.  And then, also, I would see
these people who were not my friends or my relatives but just people who I now know
were dead people, just staring at me all the time.  As a child, it was all very frightening and
not fun.


Susan:  What was your
most profound experience with angels?


Doreen Virtue:  Well,
it has got to be when my life was saved, and that was on July 15th,
1995.  I was driving to an appointment
and before I got in the car I heard this male voice outside my right ear, so
not in my head but outside, as if someone was talking to me, and he said,
“Doreen, you’d better put the top up on your car or it will be stolen.”


I had a car that was a convertible but the motor that
controlled the top was broken at the time so there was just no way to put the
top up.  And so for some reason, instead
of questioning that there was this voice, I argued with it and said, “Well, I
can’t put the top up” and it just simply repeated this same message over and
over again.  And then finally, it said,
“Well, have Grant do it.”

Grant is my youngest son who was home at that time.  At the time, he was kind of, maybe eleven or twelve,
so it was not his voice; this was a full grown man’s voice, and he was the only
other person in their house, and he was in another room.  And this voice just continued to warn me and
I just couldn’t put the top up. 

So instead, as I was driving to the appointment, I was praying
for protection and when I got to my appointment I was jumped by two armed man
and they were demanding my purse and my car keys.  I was being car jacked.  And what was remarkable to me was that even
though I had argued with this voice and hadn’t listened with putting the top up,
which would’ve prevented the whole thing, because the top of my car was just
very ugly and no one would’ve wanted to car jack an ugly car.  So with the top down it was white upholstery,
white car, and so it was very flashy. 

Even though I had kind of, ignored their warning the voice
was still there to protect me and the voice said, this time, “Scream with all
your might, Doreen” really clear in my right ear and I just didn’t even
hesitate.  I just screamed from my gut
and the man’s eyes, even though he had a gun, got really big.  I was taller than him and I was wearing high heels,
so I think, partly, my height and my screams were like a cave woman’s scream.  I didn’t even realize we had a cave woman in us
until this experience. 

He backed away but he was still pointing this gun at me and
he was motioning for me to give him my car keys and my purse. I just wasn’t;
partly, because I didn’t have theft insurance on my car.

I’m thinking really fast during this.  “God, if he takes this car I don’t have the
money to get a new car.”  So when the
angels told me to scream that is what I did and the screams attracted the
attention of a woman who… and I always just say, “she just happened to be”
because it was no coincidence. She was sitting in her car in the parking lot, eating
her lunch and she looked up, saw what was happening and she leaned on her car
horn to help. 

The car horn attracted people inside this who came out and
just the presence of all these people the man just got in their car and ran
away.  I just fell to my knees because it
was it was so shocking on all these levels: I had almost lost my life… my car, at
the very least.  And the other shocking
thing was that this voice had known my future an hour before it happened and
that the voice got me out of it. 

It was just so big. I just started praying again.  I just said, “God, thank you for saving my
life.  And what can I do?”

I was already an author. 
I was writing about eating disorders. 
In fact, I was scheduled to fly to Las Vegas the next day, to go talk at
some sort of healthy food convention about food cravings, about a book called
“Constant Cravings” that had just come out and I was just told to teach about

I came straight out of the closet.  The next day, when I flew to Las Vegas, I was
wearing a goddess gown, my crystals, I talked about angels publicly for the
first time, and because I had almost died the day before I was still in shock.  I just quit caring what people think and then
I’ve just been doing it ever since; ever since July 16th, 1995.

Susan:  Dramatic way
to get into it that is for sure.

Susan:  What questions
do people ask you most often?

Doreen Virtue:  “Is
that your real name?” and yes, it is.  That
is actually the number one question.

Susan:  That’s funny.

Doreen Virtue:  The
questions are pretty basic; “Do I have angels?” and the answer is yes, every
single person has angels.  “Can I hear my
angels?” There is an implication that only specially trained or somehow,
especially deserving people can hear angels, and so my whole mission is to
teach that everyone has angels and everyone can and should talk to angels.  That, especially as we’re shifting the world,
we need to be talking to angels and really trusting that inner voice because
there is going to be a day when the phone and the internet go down, and I don’t
how long they’ll be down for but it’s going to be the only means of
communication.  So we need to be practicing
right now because that’s how you’ll get in touch with your kids and your loved
ones.  And they’re like the emergency
broadcast system.

More to come……

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

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