Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Fearless Friday: facing your fear

Fear is an odd thing. It can make monsters where there are none and causes people to do unconscionable things. Fear is the basis of all judgment and a quick scan through history will show you what horrors and atrocities prejudice, judgment and fear have caused.

Fear left lurking in the recesses of our mind just continues to grow. Fear is a lot like a rotten apple causing all the surrounding apples to go bad. I have found the best way to deal with fear is counter-intuitive and makes very little sense but it works!

For years I have been suggesting this method and it has changed people’s lives. Practice it, actually do it and you will see your fear diminish and the quality of your life improved drastically.

When you have a fear about something name it, face it and then make it as big as possible. If you are worried about money imagine having none. Your bills are piling up, you have no money for food and you can’t pay the rent or your house has just been foreclosed. You have worn out your welcome at all your friends and you are homeless. You have a shopping cart and not much else. You are smelling bad, you’re tired, hungry, cold and miserable. Make the picture as miserable as possible.

Then ask  yourself if that is what you’d like to create. I assume the answer is a resounding NO. Then think about what you would like to experience and make that image as emotionally rich as possible.  Whenever the fear resurfaces repeat the process.

If you are afraid of being sick or dying alone or having an accident. Do the same thing. Whatever your fear is face it, make it huge, ask yourself if that is what you want, tell yourself clearly NO and then decide what you do want. It is amazing how quickly things change when we get really clear about what we do want.

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With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

  • Julie Pense

    I Love having my angels all around me :) :)

  • Susan

    So do I Julie. Hope you and your angels have a great weekend.
    With a big smile,

  • Dorothy Purge

    Hello Susan:
    Thank you for sharing your article about ways of over-coming fear. I can be quite a doubtful person and find that doubt often leads to fear and just as you said: “What a monster fear can be!” I hope that one day I will be able to say: “I have no fear.”
    Keep on writing.

  • Susan

    Aloha Dorothy,
    I think there will always be fear it is just that we don’t let us affect us anymore. “Oh, there is fear and what is it I want to create?” becomes our response.
    I used to think I was fearless and then I found out I was run by fear. That gave me the necessary push to connect with my divinity and the angels. Now I can notice fear and choose love anyway.
    With lots of love and some fear,

  • Mary O’Connor

    Hi. I think Angels help us to get to the place that God means us to be. In George Fellendorf’s latest blog he talks about how God knows the endgame. And we sometimes have fear because we don’t know it. But with help from the Angels we can get there anyway. And as long as we know that, we can face our fears.

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