Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Angelic messages of love – how to meditate

If we take time to listen we will always hear messages of love from the angelic realms. That love can be so comforting and it can make the difference between a happy, joyous life and one filled with trauma, drama and fear. It is sad that more of us aren’t taught how to listen.

The key to listening is developing the ability to quiet our mind enough so that we can hear the gentle whisperings of our spirit. The love is there it is a matter of tuning into that station. Meditation allows us to do that and here is a simple, fool proof way for you to learn how to meditate.

I have been teaching people how to meditate for over twenty years and invariably people make it harder than it is. If you are new to meditating allow yourself to enjoy the process, it can be fun, easy and effortless. Just follow these steps and before you know it you will be an experienced meditator.

  1. This seems self-evident but decide you want to learn to meditate
  2. Set aside 10 to 15 minutes each day
  3. Find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed
  4. Sit or lay down, make sure you are comfortable and your clothing is loose
  5. Focus your attention on your breath. Take a long, slow deep breath and really feel the air as is comes in and goes out
  6. If your mind wanders gently bring it back to your breath and once again focus on feeling your breath
  7. With an emphasis on gentle if your mind wanders gently bring it back to your breath
  8. If you have a thought as soon as you notice you are thinking bring your attention gently back to your breathing

That’s all it takes. You can read a prayer or a few passages from a spiritual book first, light a candle, burn incense, play some uplifting,slow music or just sit quietly and meditate. Allow the process to be easy and effortless and above all else be gentle as you train your mind to be quiet.

As with all of life, learning how to meditate is a process.Since your intent is to connect with the loving messages of the angelic realms it helps to be loving with yourself as you learn how to tune in.

I also have lots of guided meditations on my website that people find helpful as well.

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on
Your Shoulder
part of your daily routine and share it with a

  • Theresa Miller

    I find that medatating is healthy not only to your mind but also is healthy to your soul! I have a c.d. that I listening to by Cynthia James, where I live is also important to me,the scenary is alots of water which gives me my serenity that I need which takes me to a place of calmness in my bones, and my spirit smile. Medition is my daily activity, I end it with a prayer.

  • Susan

    I agree Theresa. Meditation has made such a huge difference in my life. What a different place this world would be if more people meditated.
    With a big, peaceful, calm, joyous smile,

  • Lyn Roman, BA-CL

    I have been trying for over twenty years to focus upon increasing familiarity with my Guardian Angel Michael, who has assisted me countless times, and with blinding speed, often before I can get all of the words out, my request or prayer has been answered. In any event, I tend to become encapsulated within the concerns of my life, and in doing so, forget about my Angel, my divine faith, and my deep desire for spiritual growth and development. If I could, I would start all over again, attending only to that which comes from within my Divine Heart and/or my “Superconscious mind,” Florence Schovel Schinn in “The Game of Life and How to Play it.” I have recently joined the ranks of the Unemployed, as my position was “eliminated.” I have had only one job interview since my lay off on June 1, 2010! I have yet to hear anything from them, and it has been just over two weeks since my interview. I learned yesterday that they are still embroiled within the decision-making process and will let everyone know of each’s status by early next week. It would be a great job for me, more money, and working only 36 hours per week, 3-12 hour shifts per week. It would provide me time to complete my Master’s in counseling degree, I so dearly wish to accomplish as soon as possible. Therefore, I find myself running to My Angel Michael, and to my faith in Jesus, and my Divine team of Angels, Spirit Guides, and my Metaphysical Christian beliefs, peppered with Navajo and Hopi spiritual path, “good Red Road.” How do I start my day and maintain focus upon responding and being guided by my Divine Heart, Superconscious mind, throughout each day? How do I weed out fearful, negative, dark thinking? This is a time for me to show and experience courage and bolster my Divine faith! Any ideas out there? Would certainly fully and deeply appreciate any assitance. Thank you so much! Lyn R.

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