Angels on Your Shoulder

Here is the first teaching story I have written with Mary. I enjoyed the process and hope you enjoy the story and find it useful.

I can’t really remember when I first started spending time just sitting in the back of churches, synagogues and cathedrals. I have learned so much about human nature by just sitting there in silence. I particularly like Greek or Russian Orthodox churches with the smell of incense and candles. Old women come and sit quietly, saying their prayers and talking to God. It is so much easier to touch their spirit when they are already open. But I get ahead of myself.

My name is Mary. Some people think of me as the archetype of all mothers, others consider me an angel but I am just a soul like any other, made of love and filled with infinity, eternity, sometimes wise and other times filled with carefree abandon. I love to laugh and cry, sing and dance but most of all I like to share the gift of love and hope, of the limitless possibilities this universe holds and the fact that magic and miracles are part of your very nature.

When a person is in need I come to them and they see me as a woman. I seem familiar and most forget what I look like shortly after I am gone. What they remember is the love, the profound sense of connection, peace and the absolute certainty that everything will be alright. Their grief and fear will disappear to be replaced with a love so big it creates universes. 
I have decided it is time to share some of my stories with you. Believe them or not, believe in me or not it matters little just open your heart a tiny bit and allow the words in, they will work their magic. They always do.

The Lie

For some people a lie leaves their tongue as easily as words of love. They may not mean to lie but chances are early in life they learned to lie to protect themselves and they practiced until it became second nature. Then love faded, fear grew and their connection to their true nature dimmed until it was only the faintest of memories. Thankfully, eventually all lies lead back to freedom and love.

So this is a story about love lost and found, joy embraced and life lived fully. I met this young girl in the park and we played together many times before the magic was able to unfold completely.

It was a beautiful spring day. The flowers had just begun to bloom and the air was filled with the smell of renewed growth. The earthy smell of spring brought a smile to my face. I sat in the swing filled with gratitude and expectancy. I always know when a soul is in need but I am never quite sure what part I wil play or how I will help or why I am there.

Her name was Grace and her friend was called Allen. I didn’t hear what was said but Allen left suddenly filled with anger. I sat down beside Grace and gently touched her hand. She looked startled.

“I didn’t see you there. It’s been a long time. Where have you been?” And then she started to cry. “It’s funny how you always show up just when I need you the most.”

I gave her a big hug and told her I’d just moved back to the neighborhood. Funny how life puts us right where we need to be at the exact moment we need to be there. We walked to her house and talked long into the night. I was relieved when she asked me to spend the night.

The next morning we went to the coffee shop for breakfast and she was surprised to see how many people greeted me.  As we sat down Grace sighed deeply and started to cry.

“Why do people always have to lie to me?” She then went on to tell me a long story about her relationship with Allen and his constant lying about where he’d been and who he was with. I listened patiently, sending her lots of love and courage.

“Grace, we have to lie to ourselves first before we can believe anyone else’s lies. If we love ourselves unconditionally that’s all that really matters. Love yourself first and then maybe what Allen says or doesn’t say won’t matter so much.

“Why does what Allen says or doesn’t say matter so much to you? What are you trying to believe about him? What are you trying to convince yourself about your self-worth? Do you want him to be your savior, your whipping boy or your loving friend? What role are you trying to make him play in your life? What lies are you trying to believe?”

I am usually a lot gentler but I knew Grace needed to hear what I was saying. Grace was shocked. “What do you mean? How dare you. I hate lying. I always have and always will. I’d never lie to myself. I thought you were my friend.”

“I am your friend Grace. Think about it. What did you know the first time you met Allen? What did you intuitively know about him and yourself for that matter? In that moment, what did you feel about yourself and your future?”

Suddenly Grace was standing in line and talking to Allen for the very first time. She felt a twinge of fear in her stomach and felt a vague sense of hope that at last that emptiness might go away. She also knew that Allen was only a distraction. As long as she hated herself that loneliness would never really go away. Allen needed to be loved as much as she needed to love. Deep in the core of her being she knew that two half people could never have a healthy, loving relationship. He was incapable of loving, really honestly loving another. He had perfected the art of lying and was able to believe he was telling the truth.  Then she looked into his eyes and forgot all she knew.

Her eye’s once again focused on Mary and a tear trickled down her cheek.  “I did forget the truth. I knew but I pretended Allen was something he wasn’t. I hate lying so much because I lie to myself by ignoring my own inner knowing. If I trust myself and listen to my own inner voice I will always know the truth and people’s stories won’t affect me. I was more angry at myself than anything.”

Grace felt a sense of peace settle over her and that emptiness she had felt for so long dissolved. Happier than she’d been in years she sat in silence amazed by the new thoughts settling into her heart. Suddenly she understood so much. She saw all the lies she told herself about herself and so many other things. She realized how her self-criticism only created pain. Judgment didn’t help her grow or change or improve the quality of her life. She could see how she had feared loving herself because she didn’t want to be selfish. By being selfless she had only hurt herself and not helped anyone else. She knew in that place of knowing that by taking care of herself, by being selfish she would then have more than enough love to share with others.

She sat there for a long time just thinking, smiling and feeling good as the new understandings began to sink in. It was like seeing the world through a new set of eyes. She could see the limitless possibilities and felt whole. For the first time she felt really loved and could see herself as a gift, to herself and the world. She could see the perfection in all of life.
After a while she noticed the empty breakfast plate and coffee cup on the table opposite her. Grace was so pleased with her new awakening that she hardly gave it a second thought as she walked out of the coffee shop.

Mary smiled as Grace walked by her and was totally unaware of her presence. Once again the magic had worked and Mary could go back to simply enjoying herself as she observed humanity and silently sharing her love with everyone.

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on
Your Shoulder
part of your daily routine and share it with a

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