Angels on Your Shoulder
June 2010 Archives

Here is the video tralier from the upcoming Harry Potter film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The last thing the gulf needs right now is a hurricane churning up the water and making the oil spill worse. We could just watch or send lots of love and prayers. We could call upon all the angels to surround the area and hold it in their loving arms.

Here is the first teaching story I have written with Mary. I enjoyed the process and hope you enjoy the story and find it useful.

Fear or faith, suffering or expansive acceptance, limitations or alignment with our limitless nature. Those are all choices we make in the moment, thought by thought. Love or fear.

For years I have been writing what I call teaching stories. Recently I started writing a series of new stories and I was wondering if you, my readers would be interested in reading them.

I am adding an addition to my home. There is a peace, sense of ease and joy after the workmen leave and the chickens come to inspect the day’s work.

I love doing ceremonies. I will be using the energy to send love and healing to all the planet but especially the Gulf region. Today, let the magic begin …

Angels only see the perfection in everything. If we want to we can see the world through their eyes and in the process the quality of your life will be improved exponentially.

Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration of the ending of slavery. It dates back to 1865.

I just heard about this little girl. I don’t know where I was that it took so long but what an amazing gift this little girl has. This is my absolutely favorite song too – Over the Rainbow.