Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Your favorite angel

posted by Susan Gregg

Who is your favorite angel? Most people respond with the name of an archangel because their names are more familiar than most. My favorite is Barakiel, at least this week!

Barakiel’s name means “God’s blessing.” He is an ancient
angel, over 130,000 years old, and is considered to be one of God’s mightiest
angels. According to The Almadel of Solomon, a 17th century
book purportedly written by King Solomon, Barakiel is in charge of people’s
attitudes and protects innocents. Barakiel hunts evil, has dominion over
lightning and rules the month of February. He is a ruler of the Seraphim which
are divine creatures associated with Cherubim. Cherubim are the winged
creatures, or guardian spirits, which protected the Garden of Eden.

Barakiel assists people in having a positive outlook and in experiencing good fortune. Gamblers who really want to win would do well to ask Barakiel for his assistance.

Barakiel has a great sense of humor and inspires laughter and joy. It is said that as he walks in his favorite place, the prayers of people appear on the trunks of the trees. He always answers prayers offered with an open heart and a willing spirit.


Barakiel loves the forest, so if you want his aid light pine, cedar or sandalwood incense or place some leaves from your favorite tree around the room. Focus on your request, think clearly about what you want and then simply ask Barakiel to help you create it. Barakiel loves laughter so fill your heart with joy and celebration for what is about to come into your life.
Barakiel will help you with:

Creating abundance
Protection during a thunderstorm
Lifting your spirits
Having a positive attitude
Succeeding when it seems like a long shot

Excerpt from my Encyclopedia of Angels

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on
Your Shoulder
part of your daily routine and share it with a

  • Jack

    Love all life everywhere, particularly human life, with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.
    Love yourself, just because your a human being, regardless of what you’ve done or haven’t done.
    Believe and understand that the punishment is the crime, so forgive all, especially yourself.
    Note that there is no higher being than a human being.
    And note that I, “Jack,” bow to the human race.

  • Jack

    The path above is the WAY OF ALL ANGELS. Forgiveness is instantainious in heaven. Unfortunately it takes a lot longer on earth, but I’m hoping this will change.
    BTW: If you think about instant forgiveness you will understand why hell runs when Heaven takes the field.
    And by the way, Heaven is now taking the field… And SUMMER, the one refered to by Jesus, is HERE. God Bless and

  • Your Name

    LOL, note again that there are no “rulers” in heaven. Their are no Kings… LOL, God, the individual, who can take any form, does exist. Currently now I see her as a woman. I think this is because our world culture is over patriarchal.
    But, another note about Her (God), is that with a wave of Her hand this universe would not exist. LOL, that stupid movie “Legion” which I never will see, was a REAL joke.
    Humans have NO idea how much they are LOVED (Wanted the best for and acted the best for) in Heaven. Sad thing is human choices, not Gods, deside human fate. Really sad… But it can be no other way.
    And on last thing, to the athiests out there. GOD incourages doubt. This is how this place was set up, for free will choices.

  • Jack

    One thing to mention, that is quite important. I’ve learned this from my travels as a human being:
    The reason this is important, is that it covers everything. Note, if you run into a miracle and walk away from it you start wondering, “there must be a logical explaination for this.” Note, there is one miracle where a man’s entire spine was healed, that was not explainable by science.
    But, understanding that God encourages doubt, helps you understand why science will never find God. Only the individual can. And the path is above. You can find God by serving all.
    Another note, about divine love:
    It is, wanting the best for someone and acting in their best interests.
    Now figuring out what is best can be hard but in actuality, it is usually quite easy.
    And that “punishments the crime rule” is very insightful, because it defines evil as a weak action. The worse the evil the weaker the action.

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