Angels on Your Shoulder
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I love working with essential oils. I love having my house smell of spices, herbs and various oils. Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to work with angels.

At 16 Quiana Childresswsa homeless this week she graduated from the University of Arkansas where First Lady Michelle Obama gave the commencement speech. Friday she was person of the week on ABC. I found her story very inspiring.

Imagine what it felt like when there were no artificial lights and we lived in darkness. New moon is the darkest night of the month, the stars were plentiful but the night was dark as dark could be.New moon traditionally […]

I am still not feeling well so today I was laying in bed watching TV when Touched by an Angel came on. There was one line I particular liked. “Angels don’t make anything better they just introduce you to the person that can. (Meaning God)”

Here are some images of Peru that certainly allow me to connect with my spirit.

The plains were once again pummeled by tornadoes and at least five people were killed. One of my favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz. In it Dorothy winds up in a magical land, Oz because of a tornado in Kansas.

“Every blade of grass has an Angel bending over it saying, ‘Grow, Grow!” If angels lovingly help every blade of grass grow imagine what they could do for you?

Did you know that the woman who started Mother’s Day died alone in an asylum and that Mother’s Day’s inception was intertwined with peace and infant mortality rates?

What do angels and oil spills have in common?

These images are from Peru, a place of magic, beauty and great wsoiritual connection. The people live their beliefs and it show in the out pouring of love and the easy way they accept life