Angels on Your Shoulder
May 2010 Archives

Here is a wonderful video about the Lantern Floating Ceremony tonight here in Hawaii

The Armed Services Committee has voted 16-12 to repeal the controversial “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about gays in the military.

Here in Hawaii there is a beautiful tradition each Memorial Day Weekend called the Lantern Floating Ceremony. I think of all the people who make this ceremony possible as angels in human form.

I see angels in the clouds and magic in the rainbows. I took these pictures Sunday while I was driving home from speaking. You can listen to my talk and see the beauty of the day as well.

Most people respond with the name of an archangel because their names are more familiar than most. My favorite is Barakiel, at least this week!

Here is a recording of a talk I did Sunday about love, why we love and why releasing judgment is so important. I also spoke about my incredible trip to Peru. Enjoy!

I received this a number of years ago and ‘found it’ today when I was thinking about writing my Fearless Friday post. A powerful and interesting way to address any of our fears.

I have no idea who wrote this but I think it is a wonderful opportunity to see our wonderful ability to judge others from a new perspective. I am sure if Jesus was still walking the earth he would have a few choice words for our judgmental nature.

I love looking at clouds and find a great deal of peace when I take the time to just watch them.

Lately it seems like you can’t watch the news without seeing something about volcanoes, oil spills, tornadoes, earthquakes, or earth changes of some kind.