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Aunty Mahealani has been my Hawaiian teacher or Kumu for a number of years.I talk about her often in my classes and podcasts. She was kind enough to allow me to share this story of love and healing with you. I hope you enjoy it.

Christmas 2009 and the New Year with John of God at the Spiritual Healing
Center in Abadiania, Brazil, a third world country two oceans away from my
Hawaii Island home, was not one of my brightest ideas.

 But I went to Brazil because the
“set up” for this to happen was so excellent, beginning in October, when my
plans to serve as an invited speaker and Hawaiian Spiritual Teacher presenting
with my sister at the World Religious Conference in Melbourne,  Australia, were abruptly cancelled.
Spiritually-speaking, another travel assignment was given, to travel to another
part of the world. 

The assignment came as a result of
my husband’s unusual need for emergency hospital care. While caring for Kamo’i,
I received the message from the ancestors, my spiritual guides, to take him to
Brazil to see the entities or spirit healers with the John of God. I had little
knowledge of this healer in Brazil, but I did have great trust from years of
experience in my spiritual ancestral guides. 

            I called my friend Barbara Leonard,
who had made the trip to Brazil to see the John of God twice before, and she
volunteered to do the trip with us during her vacation in December. This began
the exciting series of venues for experiences at many different levels for my
husband, for Barbara and her husband, George, and for myself.

            In leaving our Healing Island,
Hawaii for the simple village of Abadiania, Brazil, we took five one-way air
flights, a two-hour car drive, and arrived at a humble little dirt street town
which is the site of the world-renowned spiritual healing center named, in
Spanish, Casa de Dom Ignacio.

            A simple little center visited by
thousands of people from all over the world. 
I felt glad to be at this healing center during their most quiet season
with the fewest number of visitors.  As a
first time visitor,  it would have been
very easy to miss the first stage of “healings,” with getting wrapped into
negative judgments on the Casa, the operational standards, some of the Catholic
religious influences, the long hours spent in meditation, especially if you are
not accustomed to doing meditations, the required all-white dress code, the
long-winded  Portuguese speakers, the
third-world living standards, etc., all the ingredients to support the energy
of a negative attitude at the onset.

            It’s a challenge to dismiss this
immediate-in-your-face-environment, and remain at peace with a single purpose,
to focus on the “healings.” That focus created the feeling that all was Pono –
in excellence, and we could just relax and accept the stage of relaxation as
part of the healings too.  Included in
the healing therapies, was the energies at work within the Spiritual healing
center, with angel assistants in human form dedicated to healings, and the
healing works of the entities, and the many like-minded people focused on the
“healing” energies, in one place and time, along with a town full of people all
on the same energetic page for support. 
It’s the same “charged” feeling one receives as witness to the works of
the entities, many of whom “show up” to do much of their healing works with the
embodied assistance of the trance-medium healer named, Joao de Deus, or John of
God,  a village tailor, who has been
doing the healing work for more than 40 years. 
He shows up at the Casa on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 

            He was featured some years ago on
the television program, “60 minutes,” among many other documentaries on psychic
healers. In fact, on the day prior to our leaving Brazil, there was a film crew
on hand filming an actual visible surgery done without the usual surgical
process, and with the patient fully awake and in no pain.

            Many come to the Casa to receive
healings at many levels, often beyond their expectations.  I received two psychic surgeries, neither of
which I expected, but am grateful for the healings. These surgeries are
painless, and one may elect to have visible or psychic-invisible surgery.  I chose the invisible surgery, as did my
husband.  He received three surgeries,
and feels energized with an increase in healthiness.   

            We met numerous others in various
stages of remarkable healing experiences. 
Included in the healing surgeries are the crystal bed treatments and the
water therapy in the easily accessible and naturally cold waterfall, meditation
sessions, and herbs for further healing and recovery.  

            Among my experiences was being
called to sit in meditation on  a
throne-like chair, referred to as “that chair,” and seated within very close
range to the John of God as he reviewed the people coming to him for
treatments.  Sitting on “that chair” felt
like being in a fish-bowl, with the curious glances from the people directed at
you. The ambience was somewhat uncomfortable for me, but was apparently filling
a need for the entity healers, myself, and everyone else.

            After that incident, I was asked by
several people, why was I chosen to sit on “that chair,” and what did I
know?  It seems there were “egos”
affected by those having been to the Casa more than once, and never chosen to
sit on “that chair.”

            The answer that popped up for me
was that the entities were acknowledging and confirming the presence of my
spiritual ancestor-guides,  and affirming
that they are in communication, on the same page, without separation of time or

              My grandfather referred to this
as a relationship of Aloha one-ness, and his saying for it was, “that we’re all
in the same canoe,” those in physical bodies or not

              The experiences continued unfolding
after our return home, with the recent visit of two women who were referred to
me by the entities in Brazil. One of the women, who I had met and exchanged
business cards with, received a referral message for herself and another woman
she had briefly met at the Casa. She learned by listening to her guidance that
their healings would start at the Casa and continue in Hawaii with me.

            It’s interesting that such
referrals are happening, because in the bigger scheme of things, it sets
another supportive healing resource in place for present and future, while
confirming the energies of this island as the healing island it is. After
receiving her phone call, I couldn’t help but laugh at how quickly both
referrals were now on my table.  The
referrals didn’t really surprise me or my husband and friends.  It’s a manifestation that we all expected to
happen at some level, and now have seen.

            No doubt there’s more to come. It’s
also a hearty laugh that my guides didn’t give me all their information at the
onset of the need for me to go to Brazil. The focus was on my husband’s health,
knowing that it was the best assurance for getting me to Brazil, since it
hadn’t been on my list for places to visit. It’s still not on my list, but I
would go back to Brazil, to the Casa, if I received the ancestral message to go
back there.  Meanwhile, I’m in my bliss
on this healing island, Hawaii, holding this center in time and space in
readiness to greet and help those referred by the entities in Brazil, and

Aloha nui
loa, Abadiania, Brazil, the Casa, and John of God-entities!

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