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While I am in Peru I will have a few guest bloggers. Please welcome Rev.
Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D.

Once we learn the major duties of our soul calling, how do we manifest it? Beverly asked, “Is the time and means to enter into our calling also given? My life is filled to the brim with responsibilities and family. Does it mean dropping all past obligations in order to have the time and the space for my newly discovered soul duties?”

What a great question. For some, it’s about finding ways to incorporate a new calling into what you are already doing. It could be enough to change perspective or have a change of attitude bringing more love and care into what you are already doing. Others will need to walk away from what they doing and drop past obligations to make space for the new calling.

I’ll give an example from my own life that illustrates this.
I was called to co-create an angel ministry for several years. I couldn’t see
how to make it work because I was struggling financially. This has been one of
the recurring themes in my life. Designing The Angel Ministry and bringing it
to life is a big deal. It is a huge seven month program that involves creating
a curriculum, arranging for university credit and church ordination, scheduling
guest speakers, finding the students, and setting up the internet systems for a
global class. The launch was huge.

For several years, I could not see how I could make it
happen. But I trusted. I prayed. My friends said, “You have to trust and do
this!” Then the pieces miraculously started coming together. Judith Larkin Reno
refreshed my memory that Gateway University was available to award the
university transcript credit and legally ordain the ministers so they could
officiate at weddings, perform sacraments, bless, heal and counsel.

I couldn’t get over the next hurtle because most of my focus
was still on how to make enough money to pay rent and buy groceries. Finally, I
had to ask for financial help. I let go, stop struggling, took time off to
focus exclusively on the curriculum and program. Beautifully, wonderfully,
magically, The Angel Ministry came together in ways that blew my mind and
continue to astonish me.

Like Beverly was afraid of, I had to drop everything for two
months and open to receive the magnitude of this ministry. I suffered the
financial consequences and moved on from there. One I announced that enrollment
was open, the response was heartwarming and nurturing. I knew I made the best
choice. The most amazing women came forward for the first class of 2009. 

Are you feeling the call of your soul? What are you being
called to? It’s up to you to search through the clues and guidance you are
receiving to discover how you are being guided into your soul purpose.
Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense. Two people said to me, “I’ve felt called
to a ministry for several years and I’m Buddhist! We don’t have ministers. But
when I saw this program, I knew it was for me!” Such are the ways of
spirit!  I encourage you to trust your
soul calling and take action.


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