Angels on Your Shoulder
March 2010 Archives

Sunday I spoke at a local church. I talked about what we are giving birth to moment, by moment with out thoughts and actions. I thought you might enjoy listening to it

I read this wonderful story about how an ordinary ‘angel’ changed someone’s life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

One of my favorite saying is, “No matter what the question, love is always the answer.” We really can’t focus on two thoughts at the same time

Images can evoke powerful feelings and I hope you use these images to help you deepen your connection to the divinity within.

There are so many tragedies in the news, how do we stop from getting overwhelmed or desensitized?

Traditionally on March 1st the Romans celebrated the festival of Matronalia in honor of the goddess Juno. This celebration was geared towards prayers and offerings for a happy marriage and traditionally husbands gave presents to their wives. Juno was called […]