Angels on Your Shoulder
March 2010 Archives

A corner stone of lasting happiness is the ability to accept what is while not spending a lot of time wanting something we don’t have. What is is.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Today it seems like the whole world is Irish.

I was looking around here at Beliefnet and was amazed at all the resources. There are angels everywhere. Today I thought I would share some of my favorite spots and ask you to share yours!

Just as I started writing this post I read that Peter Graves who starred in the orginal ‘Mission Impossible’ died. As I think about the show I imagine angels getting their assignments and then winging their way into our lives

Daylight savings time starts tonight for some parts of the world. I am extremely grateful that does not observe daylight savings time.

If you absolutely knew you were always in the arms of the angels how would your life be different? For one thing there would be no fear and you cold make all of your choices from a place of love.

There are lots of news stories, books, web sites and blogs about physical fitness. I was excited when I found out March was Spiritual Fitness month.

I love watching the Dog Whisperer. Big Daddy, his beloved pit bull died last month after 16 years of helping hundreds and hundreds of dogs and their owners. Watch a video about Big Daddy.

Yesterday there was another 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Turkey. At least 51 people died and hundreds of people are homeless. Haiti is still in ruins and Chili is slowly recovering. Last night we had an earthquake on Mauna Kea not far from my home.

Today is International Women’s Day 2010. It is the 100th such celebration of its kind in the history of the world. Each celebration has a theme and this years is equal rights, equal opportunities and progress for all.