Angels on Your Shoulder

I love all things angels. I have small statues, pins and cement angels in my labyrinth. Elin Schoen Brockman created an angel necklace of Mazalel at the request of a friend who was going in for surgery and wanted a good luck charm.

Here is the story of Mazalel and a bit about Elin as well in her own words:

Okay. This is how the angel happened. A few years ago, a friend of
mine was facing scary surgery. Of course, I suggested good luck
charms, amulets, anything she believed would help. I even offered to
lend her some of mine. “Do you happen to have an angel?” she asked. I
told her I didn’t, unfortunately.

That’s when it came to me, the story of Mazalel, who unlike Raphael and
the other more famous angels, happens to be female. She also happens to
be shaped like a star — and not just any old star but a particularly
lucky one, the Star of David (which as everyone knows has been a major
motif in Jewish jewelry practically forever).

Of all the gazillions of angels out there, Raphael and
Gabriel are probably the most famous.

But my own favorite is Mazalel.

She’s the angel who, back in Biblical times, had the
brilliant idea of getting the stars to gather into sparkling pictures
so everyone on earth could use the sky as a map to keep from getting

That’s how steering by the stars began — and also wishing on
the stars! And that’s why mazal became the Hebrew word for both
constellation and luck — as in mazal tov!

I’ve never personally met Mazalel, but I have it on good
authority (my mother, who heard it from her grandfather who came from a
village in Russia where they knew about such things) that she actually
is shaped like a star — and not just any old star, but the Star of
David, which may well be the original lucky star.

So it was only natural that one day when I needed something
lucky and also sparkly to give a friend who was feeling very lost, I
made a charm for her in my favorite angel’s image.

Now Mazalel™ can be your lucky star angel, too! May she protect you on all your journeys!

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

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Your Shoulder
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