Angels on Your Shoulder

There are so many tragedies in the news, how do we stop from getting overwhelmed or desensitized? I hadn’t watched the news Friday night so I had no idea there had been a large earthquake. Saturday morning I was awakened by the sirens and then turned on the TV. For the next 4 hours I watched the news and their predictions of a huge tsunami. The coastline on all the islands was evacuated, gas stations ran out of gas and the grocery stores were over run by panicky buyers.

The local newscasters kept up a constant chatter with a count down to the 11:05 arrival of the tsunami. The time came and went, they continued to talk. Then finally there were some slight changes in the ocean level. Thank goodness we only had a 2.5 foot tsunami. What I wondered was what would happen next time?

Would people listen next time their is a tsunami warning and evacuate or would they just think it was another hyped up news story? Granted the death toll in Chile wasn’t anything like Haiti but when I turned on CNN and FOX all I saw was talking heads talking about the possibility of a tsunami, showing pictures of Hilo when it was wiped out by a tsunami in the 60’s. There was minimal coverage of the earthquake.

Does the way networks cover events engender more compassion and our desire to help one another or not? I received lots of e mails from people who were praying for Hawaii and sending angels to help protect the islands. What effect if any does the ‘news’ have on the world as a whole?

Years ago it would take months if not years for news to travel around the world while now it takes seconds. The local newscasters were asking people to tweet pictures. One man sent a picture of fish out of the water and his shadow was visible. He was standing directly in the path of what could have been a life threatening tsunami so he could tweet a picture.

My prayer is that people use everything in life to depend their connection to their spirit and to learn to see life through the eyes of love. I know without the shadow of a doubt that when there is a tragedy the angels respond in the blink of an eye but what happens in our hearts and minds?

How do you feel when you watch the news coverage of events like Haiti and Chile? I’d love to hear from you. What are your thoughts and feelings?

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

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