Angels on Your Shoulder
February 2010 Archives

Fat Tuesday – It is a traditional day of celebration proceeding Ash Wednesday.

Jack Rushton is a quadriplegic on a respirator or as he calls himself a sit down comedian. He is also an inspiration. Anything is possible if we are willing and make the effort

The other morning while I was meditating I heard an angelic voice say, “There really is nothing to fear, you already know the ending.” It is true, no matter what kind of life we have it always ends with death.

Finding love doesn’t necessarily mean finding a relationship but being in love with yourself does mean that any relationship you do find will be truly loving and supportive.

It is no secret I love animals. As always my intent in sharing these images is to help you bond with your inner self and the true essence of who and what you are.

Sunday is Valentine’s Day. Today I thought I’d share a bit about the Roman god of love, Cupid.

I love stories like these of ordinary people taking the time to make a real difference in the world. I have a BIG soft spot for animals and two of these stories are about saving animals from certain death.

How often do you experience fear on a daily basis? Realistically, how can angels help you deal with fear?

I love the gentle flicker of candle light. Often when I want to pray I will light a candle on my altar first to help me connect with the divine.

Here is one of my favorite images. Just allow yourself to feel the energy of love it embodies. Angels are everywhere.