Angels on Your Shoulder

What is your fear factor? How much does fear affect your life? Do you find yourself moving away from fear? Are there times when you find yourself being in constant terror about where are you?

It helps to remember fear really is simply:


There is nothing wrong with fear. It is just an indication that our thinking is leading us toward a sense of separation instead of moving us toward a feeling of connection with our source.  The more we deepen our connection with God the more magical our life becomes.  The universe, God or the source only has one answer to all of our requests and that is yes.  If we are focusing on fearful thoughts we create more things to be fearful about.
It helps to remember that there is fear based fear and love based fear.  Love based fear is based on our inherent need to survive. Love based fear invites us to step out of the path of an oncoming car or helps us to lose weight when we have been diagnosed with diabetes.  Fear based fear simply makes our erroneous thinking bigger and us more fearful.

All of our emotions are an indication of our alignment with our spirit. If we are feeling grateful, loved and joyous we are connected. If we are feeling depressed, fearful or sad we are connected to our mind or our filter system. So we can begin to see fear as a wakeup call or a reminder. Fear reminds us it is time to say a prayer,  call upon the angels or engage in one of our behaviors that deepens our spiritual connection.

Depending on how we use fear we can turn even our biggest fears into a loving invitation to embrace our spirit and once again feel connected, loved and safe. This is after all a safe universe.

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With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

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