Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Chile earthquake and Hawaii tsunami

posted by Susan Gregg

hilo tsunami.jpgI live on the Big Island of Hawaii and we have sirens that warn us about tsunamis and hurricanes. I live quite a distance from the coast but around 6 this morning sirens began to enter my dreams. I finally realized I was hearing a siren, woke up and turned on the news. In a few hours they are expecting a tsunami to sweep into Hilo Bay. In 1960 much of downtown Hilo was destroyed by a tsunami created by an earthquake in Chili.

This is a picture of the aftermath of that tsunami. People here are scurrying around trying to buy food and fill their cars with gas. Many gas stations are already out of gas.

The first thing I did was light a candle, pray and call upon the angels. Then I began to prepare for the possibility of no electricity and no services for several days. Luckily I have 32 free range chickens so I will have plenty of eggs to eat and certainly won’t go hungry.

It is odd sitting here wondering what will happen in a few hours. Years ago I lived half a block from the beach. I was walking my dog along the ocean when the sirens went off. I ran back to my house and a woman came racing out of her driveway yelling tsunami. I looked in the phone book and I was at the edge of the tsunami zone so I stayed put. Everyone was all a buzz about the up coming tsunami. It was 1 inch high.

I am glad the damage in Chile has been minimal and the loss of life nothing like Haiti. My friend was able to talk to her mom who lives in Chile on Skype and their family is safe but she said it was awful. Another reminder of how fragile life is.

I have received numerous e mails from people sending me their prayers and good wishes. We are always in the arms of the angels and at times like this that is very comforting.

With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

  • I Believe

    Dear Susan, I too prayed and called on the angels for you and all who are potentially in the path of harm. Then I reread yesterday’s post”Choosing to feel safe” I believe you are in very safe hands. My thoughts and prayers will be with you as this unfolds.

  • Cindy Wood

    Susan…. praying for all on the Island…. God keep you her heart and hands

  • Sherri Frost

    I distinctly remember visiting the tsunami museum when we visited Hilo years ago. The story of the teacher leading the children closer to the shore to view the extremely low water levels before getting caught up in the tidal wave stays with me. I am so glad that everyone is well and that you now have sirens to warn of danger. Your angels are watching.

  • Your Name

    I just thank God in prayer that my brother and his family in Hawaii
    are safe from the tsunami calamity.Angels takes in many forms,mine takes the form of my friends and family who makes me feel that they care about me,and eventually,they all are watching my back.thanks.

  • Mamie Bynum

    Hi Susan I would like to thank GOD for all that he has brought you thur. I would like to know how I can really call the Angels that GOD has given me. I thought I was doing it right my sending them out to bring back what I need. Please help me to know how to talk to my angels and send them on assignments. Again may GOD continue to bless and keep you safe in JESUS name.

  • Lise

    Come home safe Angela…….Please God, protect her and her family

  • Susan

    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. The tsunami was a mere 2.5 feet and only created a muddy bay. We were indeed very lucky.
    It was odd to watch the TV with all the predictions while my chickens calmly scratched in the yard on a beautiful, balmy Hawaiian day. I hope the people from Chile still looking for their loved ones are equally blessed.
    With love and aloha,

  • Rosiland

    susan, I’m glad that you and your friends and family are doing good and all okay. god bless you and your’s
    Rosiland with love from Oregon

  • virginia

    Susan I read your blog everyday, my son lives on the big island I was so worried i also called on my angles and also on the white light of God to protect him. if anyone is not familiar with the white light i wou8ld be more than glad to help.

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