Angels on Your Shoulder
January 2010 Archives

I so often hear this question: “Why do bad things happen to good people? Life is God’s unconditional gift to us, the rest is just part of living here on planet earth and are incredible gifts.

I posted about ministering angels a while ago. I ask that you send your thoughts and prayers to the people of Haiti and imagine millions of ministering angels helping all those in need.

I am sure the people of Haiti are surrounded by the loving presence of thousands of angels. I try to love everyone and judge no one but an article on CNN about Pat Robertson comment that the earthquake is punishment from God is testing that resolve .

Someone sent me this picture taken last year before the inauguration of Barack Obama. She took the abundance of spirit orbs as a good sign.

There are countless studies that show the profound relationship between attitude, spiritual connection and happiness. People that take sometime each day to pray and meditate are even happier.

Years ago a friend of mine gave me a deck of angel cards. They are simple, cartoon like pictures of angels that have words on them like faith, joy, surrender and forgiveness.

When we open the front door at night the light rushes out and dispels the darkness. Love can do the same thing to fear if we let it.

In British Columbia a Golden Retriever named Angel save an 11 year old boy from a cougar attack.

Prayer and meditation allow us to connect with our spirit, our soul, God and the angels. Here are several photos that I find evoke that feeling

“Stop in the name of love, before you break my heart.” Lately I have been really aware of how much our world could change if more of us chose love on a regular basis instead of judgment and fear.