Angels on Your Shoulder
December 2009 Archives

I was thinking about the littlest angel the other day and how I loved that story as a young girl. I remembered listening to Bing Crosby sing it and was filled with a sweet remembrance of childhood Christmases.

I’m very excited. Today I am going to speak about the Divine Inner Child. I am going to try to record the talk and if I succeed I will post an MP3 of my talk.

A promised here is the contest. The first five people that share recent acts of kindness they have committed will get a free, personally autographed copy of my most recent book on Spiritual Healing.

Have you ever noticed how fear seems so much more prevalent in humans than love. What’s up with that?

Actually the most effective ways to avoid holiday stress is to change your thinking and the way you feel about life. The best way I have ever found to do that is by committing random acts of kindness.

I am still amazed by images of spirit orbs. Some of my Lithuanian friends have been kind enough to send me more images.

It is amazing what a difference our perspective makes. Perspective actually influences our lives more than anything else, so learning to expand or change our perspective is an incredibly valuable skill.