Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Fearless Fridays: Black Friday


As the media keeps labeling today as Black Friday I certainly don’t have images of happy shoppers and retailers. For me it’s a time to avoid the malls and enjoying relaxing at home. I am not fond of trying to find parking or jostling with crowds.

When I had my stained glass studio I would spend months gearing up for the holiday season, making lots of small panels and terrariums and stained glass angels. I am glad I am no longer in the retail business, but oddly enough I am still in the angel business.

Every Christmas I was always disappointed that I didn’t make more of one thing and less of another and sales were usually less than I hoped because back then I lived in a fearful universe. Fear always prevents us from being in the moment.

One of the most important questions I ever pondered was, “Is this a safe universe or a hostile one?” I started out living in a fear based world but then as I deepened my connection with my soul and  my spirit that changed. The more I was open to the presence of angels and willing to follow the directions of my spirit I realized that this is a totally safe universe. Sure my body can get bent and mutilated but I am not my body I am the spirit that resides within it.

When I was pondering this question one of my mentors said to me, “God either is or isn’t. There are no other choices.”  God, that energy of creation is infinite, eternal and immortal, it knows no bounds so how could I be anything but safe?

So next time you are afraid, take a deep breath and remember you are safe, you are loved and you are lovable.

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With love and aloha,

Angels are everywhere just open your mind and your heart to the signs.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

  • Justin Kunst

    In my opinion, of course the universe is hostile… because all humanity has not yet cleansed and cleaned itself of that memory.
    Everything in our world, our individual worlds, are a reflection of what’s inside of us. There are those walking around that are hostile, they have hostility inside of them, and therefor their world reflects that. And still there are those who have no hostility inside of them and their world is without hostility. Their world is at peace, because that peace is inside of them and everything in their world reflects that peace and gives it back.
    Your soul is like a glowing gem, reflecting onto all things and people the light you radiate. What color is your light, and how does a person or object become transformed when basking in it?
    Your fan,
    Justin Kunst

  • Susan Gregg

    If you notice carefully I distinguish between world and universe. The fear we hold onto when we don’t is what causes many of the problems in the world. As you note the world is a reflection of what we hold within. The world can be a fear based place but the universe, that place of creation is always at peace and knows only love. The more we embrace that the more we shine the light of love on our world.
    Thanks for your comment,
    With love and aloha,

  • Karen Borga

    I put the intention to spend Thanksgiving in acceptance and gratitude.
    Acceptance: Everything is unfolding as it should be, today and everyday.
    I can only change myself.
    Others are a reflection of yourself.
    When you see the light in everyone, you are the light.
    No judging … just allowing … being and loving!
    Gratitude: I am thankful for everything in my life: past, present and future.
    Everything in my life made me who I am today. I am so happy with who I am … and all the people I have in my life.
    I gave thanks to EVERYONE in my life, they all were part of making me who I am!
    So my story… Thanksgiving was perfect. I went to my in-laws… they are not generally positive people. All I saw was love and light. I saw people enjoying family and food. The next morning I spoke with my son, and apparently things were not as I saw it for everyone. People were frustrated with the meal and each other. Craziness… I didn’t see a thing!
    I live most of my life in light… spreading light and love. Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year. It begins the Magic of Christmas. My husband and I love shopping for the sales. We have always been successful. We go with happiness in our hearts. Waiting in the lines is an opportunity to meet new people. Smile… wish people Merry Christmas. Sing… out loud to the music. Feel it… Be it!
    By the way… my big gift this year is a new camcorder… and BestBuy advertised only 2… my husband went at 12PM … crazy on BF… and of course, one was there… and they held on to it until later when I could come with the company card for it. I love the way things unfold just the way you choose!
    Blessings to you and all you do,

  • Susan

    Aloha Karen,
    Have fun with the camcorder and thanks for sharing your process, your love and your gratitude.
    Ain’t life grand!
    With love and aloha,

  • Nick C. Bacalla

    December 18, 2009 Angels do exist and there are more than human beings. The reason I say this ia because each of us has his/her guardian angel. This already covrs the whole populatrion of mankind. After their job is done, they won’t guard anymore human being and they go back to God. Now this already covers the extra angels in the presence of God with nothing to do. According to the Holy Bible there are other categories of angels. These are:1) the Guardian Angels; 2) The Archangels; 3) The Cherubims; 4) The Seraphims; 5) The Thrones; 6) The Principalities; 7) The Dominions; 8) The Powers. Each of them have different functions to do.cjf3gn

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