Angels on Your Shoulder


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have had several friends die from breast cancer. As I was doing research I found this Breast Cancer Angel site that helps women financially.

I also went through the notes I made when writing my book on angels and found the angel Elim.


Elim belongs to a high order of angels.  His name has been translated as “the mighty ones,” “gods,” “heavenly being” and “holy one.” A variation of his name also refers to a sacred place in the high desert as well as to a type of palm tree. Elim is the guardian of the night who maintains the celestial eElim ispheres in perfect harmony. He is the angel of the moon and he will bring the magic and wisdom of moon cycles into your life. He will aid woman having problems with their monthly cycle or their breasts.

Elim’s presence is most acute at the new moon, when the sky is darkest. Elim’s lessons unfold with the monthly cycle of the moon.  At the full moon Elim will help to illuminate your shadow self. When the moon is new he will help you transform your shadow self into the creative source it was always meant to be. Women can call upon Elim to regulate their monthly cycle and to assist in making menopause a gentle and easy journey.


Imagine you are standing in the high desert under the pristine night sky. The wind is cool and gritty as it travels over the expanses of sand. The smell of sage lingers in the air. Take a deep breath and ask for Elim’s assistance. The twinkling of the stars will bring you the confirmation that he is by your side, supporting you and guiding your way.

If you want to call him into your home, burn some sage or light a sand-colored candle. Placing a sage potpourri in the drawer where you keep your bills will attract the abundance to easily pay them.

With love and aloha,

Angels are all around you, just open your heart and your mind to their love.

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