Angels on Your Shoulder


Long before I had any conscious interest in working with angels, people kept giving me angel figurines. I had angels lurking in every corner of my house before I finally woke up and started actively working with them. Thank goodness angels have a lot of patience. Now I look back and laugh.

Since I began to consciously work with angels, my life has changed in so many ways, all of them elegantly gracious, easy, gentle, loving, and kind. Far different than the results I had in my life when I was doing it my way!

To me the greatest blessing of working with angels is the love and the ease they bring with them. It isn’t that angels will ever do it for you but they are always there, suggesting the easiest way to accomplish anything, surrounding you with their love, and helping you see your own perfection.

I have come to realize those are all pretty profound blessings. I have also realized that angels aren’t fix-it fairies or the rescue wagon of the universe; they are always there to support and guide us, and by ignoring their presence, we deny ourselves a tremendous gift.

I consistently ask myself, “What area of my life am I withholding? Where am I refusing to allow angel blessings in my life?” Sounds like odd questions, but I have realized whenever life is hard, I am holding onto my old, limiting beliefs and ignoring the loving guidance of the angels. Only I have the ability to make my life hard; my filter system stops the light of love from infusing my life and allowing me to see an entirely different set of choices.

If you are struggling in some area of your life, try asking for the willingness to be willing to allow in all the blessings of the angels, and then listen for the gentle whisperings that will show you a new way of thinking and acting. When we are willing to see all of life through the eyes of the angels, magic and miracles become our way of life.

Angels see only the perfection in everything. They only love; we are the ones that judge people, places, and things as good or bad or right or wrong. When we see beyond all of our judgments, we are free to choose love in each moment and have a life filled with happiness, joy, and ease.

May you allow all the blessings of the angels to fill each and every area of your life. May you have the willingness to see everything through the eyes of the angels.

With love and aloha,

Angels are always there, let their love and guidance in and see what happens!

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