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Yesterday I wrote a post about creating an Angel Box. Today I am going to show you how to change your beliefs and your experience with money, the economy, and the source of your income.

I love making things. I could easily get lost in a craft store for hours. A friend of mine showed me how to paint furniture, and I created all sorts of beautiful altars and meditation benches. I had a wire basket I used to put all my bills in. It was purple and held lots of bills, but my cat used to wake me up every morning by noisily pawing through all the papers. So I decided to put them in a box instead. At the time, I was working on changing my beliefs about money, and an idea was born.

The Money Box

A few thoughts about money and the economy first. In the Great Depression of the 30s (I never did understand its name), there were more millionaires made than any previous time in history. Only 25% of the population were directly affected by the Depression. 75% of the population wasn’t affected, and life went on as always. There was probably fear, but they had their jobs and life went on.

So, with the current economy, you can focus on fear or you can realize that opportunities abound, and you can create whatever you want–wealth and abundance or poverty and fear. When I graduated from college, I couldn’t find a job, so I started my own business.

Now some thoughts about money. Money is really just a symbol. Money itself only has whatever value we give to it. It always amazes me when I can go into a grocery store, swipe a plastic card through a machine, and walk out with wonderful food. Money can be a supportive friend or a monster just waiting to eat us alive. I find that realizing money is simply energy and, like water, it seeks its own level. We live in an abundant universe, and it is our job to allow in the abundance.

If we believe money is hard to get, it will be. If you believe your job is your source of income instead of God or the universe, you may feel fearful and limited instead of abundant and grateful. So, the money box is a way to change all of your beliefs and experiences with money. Each element of the money box is designed to help you experience bills, money, and abundance differently.

  1. Find a nice box or basket large enough to hold all of your bills and your checkbook.
  2. Collect pictures of angels and images that say “abundance’ to you.
  3. Buy or make some large denomination bills. Many bookstores sell 10,000 dollar bills as bookmarks or you can make some with your computer.
  4. Gather up your bills, some glue, colored pens, and all your pictures.
  5. Decorate the basket or box with the angels, images, and large bills.  Allow some of the bills to come out of the basket so it looks like it is full of money.
  6. Write a letter of gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life. Realize that this money box is a symbol of your gratitude for your growing abundance. Write about the gratitude you have (or will have) for all your bills. Be grateful that all those people trusted you with their money, and be immensely grateful for your ability to easily and effortlessly pay all those bills.
  7. Write a prayer of thanks. Thank God and the angels for their love and guidance and for their help in allowing in all the blessings they are just waiting to give you. Place the prayer on your box so you can easily see it and read it often.
  8. Put all your bills and your checkbook in the box, blessing each of them as you lovingly place them in the box.

Allow this box and your bills to become a symbol of love and gratitude. When I did this, it was amazing how rapidly my relationship with money changed.

With love and aloha,

Angels are all around and their only purpose is to help us feel loved and connect to the divine.

Make Angels on Your Shoulder part of your daily routine and share it with a friend!

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