Angels on Your Shoulder
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Aloha, Today I received an email from someone who had a direct experience of the divine. She had literally seen heaven and felt the unconditional love of the .angelic realms. She was writing to me because she was in tremendous […]

Here are some wonderful images to meditate on. Just allow the images to take you to that place of love and connection that lives within us all.

Are you living the life of your dreams? If you aren’t chances are it is because you’ve settled into the familiar world created by your beliefs.

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt Since I was going to write about how believing in miracles make them much more likely to occur in our lives, this quotes unusual appearance was quite interesting.

Here are some images from Lithuania I thought you might enjoy!

Aloha, I began writing my post for today about Hinduism and then noticed the date, September 11th.  I still vividly remember waking up that day and checking my e-mails. For some reason, my e-mail program had developed a quirk; it […]

The other day I talked about the power and the gift of being of service. Perhaps you could create a ‘be an angel exchange’ within your own group of friends.

These are images from Lithuania that speak to my spirit the most and places that I have sat quietly in meditation.

When a child dies or someone is murdered they ask why God let it happen. Personally, I don’t believe God causes suffering. God only creates perfection, love, peace and joy.

This morning I wake up dreaming about my father’s last few breaths and feeling myself dying, a pretty nightmarish experience. As I woke up I heard the lyrics “Hark the herald angels singing” which was very comforting.