Angels on Your Shoulder

Aloha to each and everyone of you,

mauna kea.jpgA big Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) to everyone that sent me birthday wishes. People often ask me how to connect with angels, so I thought I would share the story of my birthday hike to the lake at the top of Mauna Kea and how the angels let me know they were there.

I find working with angels is often a practice of patience, expanded awareness, and paying attention to the details. None of which were one of my talents when I began.

okay.jpgI travel a great deal, taking people to sacred sites around the world. About six months ago, I was driving out toward the highway wondering where in the world I wanted to be for my 60th birthday. Mauna Kea is usually shrouded in clouds and is only visible from one place on my road. As I was driving, I looked up and there was Mauna Kea in all her beauty, with a cloud that looked just like an okay sign.  Had I not been looking, I would have missed the message. I had a good chuckle and knew where I would be on my 60th birthday.

So, yesterday morning I took my journal and set off for Mauna Kea. At the 9,000 foot marker, I sat at a picnic table and wrote two letters. One was of all the things I wanted to let go of this year, and the other what I would like to create. Then I began the long drive to Lake Waiau, one of the highest lakes in the US, at 13020 ft (3,969m).

As I was hiking up, I began talking to God, the angels, and anyone else who was listening.  I began praying out loud and talking about what I wanted to release. I looked up, and in a sky devoid of any clouds, there was a cloud directly ahead of me that looked just like an angel. As I repeated my list, the cloud began to fade. One piece remained, so I asked what else I needed to release. I heard ‘all doubt,’ so I spoke that out loud, and the cloud disappeared completely.

I walked over to the edge of the lake and dipped my letter of  ‘what I wanted to create’ into the water and then sat on a rock and read my letter out loud. Slowly, a cloud began to appear. At first it looked like a bird, then an angel, and by the time I finished my list, it looked like a large heart, and I felt filled with love.

Had I not paid attention, I would have missed the clouds. Were they signs from the angels? Perhaps not, but to my they were, and they filled my heart with joy. I have been reading the Tao lately and I was reminded that, “Seeing the small is clarity and remaining flexible is strength.”

So if you want to experience a more direct connection with your angels, be open to the signs and remain flexible. They are always there, just a thought away.

With love and laughter,

Angels are everywhere if we open our eyes to see.

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