Angels on Your Shoulder

Aloha from Lithuania,

Gratitude is such a powerful state of mind. The old alchemists spent centuries trying to turn lead into gold. Gratitude will allow you to be an alchemist in your own life and turn any event into an incredible gift.

What we experience, the choices we make, and what we create next in our life is totally dependent upon our attitude.

There are so many reasons to be grateful, and here is a list of my top ones. Feel free to add yours in the comment section!

1.Gratitude simply feels good. When I am grateful for what is, I feel good. It can turn a formally miserable, rainy day into a glorious day filled with limitless possibilities.

2. Gratitude deepens my connection to the divine. When I am grateful, I feel connected to everyone and, most importantly, to God and my god-self.

3. Gratitude expands my perspective. I can see life from a different perspective, one that allows me to see the magical nature of all of life.

4. Gratitude assists me to respond lovingly. When I am grateful, I can be loving to even my biggest critics.

5. Gratitude helps me release all judgments. When I view the world through the eyes of gratitude, it is virtually impossible to judge anyone or anything.

6. Gratitude is a gift to myself and everyone around me. When I am grateful, the whole world seems to smile with me, and I can smile at the world from the depths of my soul.

7. Gratitude has the power to heal all relationships. When I am grateful, all of my relationships are harmonious, expansive, and based in love.

Gratitude has the ability to return us to that childlike nature where we are amazed and excited by all of life and are connected to God in a concrete and constructive manner.

I used to end my day by writing a gratitude list. Each night, I would list all the things I was grateful for that day. I played a little game with myself to make sure I added one new thing each day. That list transformed my way of thinking and my life. Try it; I think you will like it!

Angels always resonate with the energy of gratitude. I think that I is why we are so attracted to them.

With love, aloha and a deep sense of gratitude,

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