Angels on Your Shoulder
August 2009 Archives

Explore some of the ancient wisdom of the Tao to help you learn how to live fearlessly in the face of fear.

Placing a basket by your front door and affirming only love dwells here can help you create a refuge from fear and worry as well as helping you transform your life.

I have always loved rainbows. In order to exist they need both rain and sun. Here is a picture I took when I was hiking the Inca trail in Peru.

Make an angel your best friend. Spend a bit of time making Archangel Jophiel your best friend and watch your life transform!

A real life story of an angel who lives in Queens, NY. This school bus driver’s acts of love and compassion touches hundreds of people’s lives.

I love the act of going to a church, lighting a candle and saying a prayer. Here is a place you can do that online.