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Over the next few Fridays I will be sharing wisdom from various religions about fear and faith and fearless living. All of the great religions have so much to teach us about living life and connecting with the loving presence of our creator. As I have learned to connect with angels I have begun to see life from a much more loving and expansive perspective, one of unconditional love, incredible peace and total acceptance. Fear is no where on the horizon when I am connected to the angelic realms.

I find a great deal of simple yet profound wisdom in the Tao. It helped me understand more fully many of the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and other great spiritual teachers. The Tao begins:

The Tao described in words is not the real Tao. Words cannot describe it. Nameless it is the source of creation; named it is the mother of all things.

The part of the Tao that speaks to me most clearly about fear is:

When living, a man is supple and yielding; when dead, man is hard and stiff. When living, all animals and plants are soft and pliant; when dead, they are withered and brittle. Thus, being inflexible and unyielding is part of dying; being flexible and yielding is part of living.

Fear causes us to be brittle and unyielding while love allows us to be flexible. The more fully we connect with our spirit, the angels and God the less fear we have and the passionately alive we are and the more we can savor all of life.

How can you be more godlike in your thinking? You can do is pause as you move through your day and ask to see the world through the eyes of the angels.

What can you do to release your fear when you are worried about money or love or losing your job or ill heath or anything else in your life? Take a deep breath and surrender to the guidance of your spirit and your guardian angels, Jesus, God, Buddha or any power greater than yourself.Trust in their loving presence in your life.

How can you be fearless in the face of fear? Remember, really remember that you are a spirit inside this body that is infinite, eternal and immortal. You were created in the image of God and swim in a sea of love, only the love is real all else is an illusion.

We have been taught to embrace fear, as you retrain your thinking love can become your guiding force.

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With love and aloha,

Angels are magical gifts from God and when we allow them to embrace us miracles happen!

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